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Custom Sling Bags

Sling bags are a compact, aesthetic, and ergonomic way to carry your stuff; and we have a ton to choose from. Order you over-the-shoulder-logo-holder today!...

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  • Budget Sling Backpack

    #1 Best Seller

    Budget Sling Backpack

    $2.44 - $3.90 ea.

  • Over the Shoulder Sling Pack
    Over the Shoulder Sling Pack

    $4.02 - $5.25 ea.

  • Armada Sling
    Armada Sling

    $2.82 - $4.65 ea.

  • Shoulder Sling Backpack
    Shoulder Sling Backpack

    $3.56 - $5.70 ea.

  • Sling Backpack (14" x 20" x 8")
    Sling Backpack (14" x 20" x 8")

    $5.50 - $7.19 ea.

  • Mustang Sling Backpack
    Mustang Sling Backpack

    $2.39 - $4.69 ea.

  • Messenger Sling Bag
    Messenger Sling Bag

    $2.60 - $7.28 ea.

  • Wave Monopack
    Wave Monopack

    $3.52 - $7.40 ea.

  • Walking Enthusiast Kit
    Walking Enthusiast Kit

    $8.61 - $24.59 ea.

  • RPET Fold Away Sling Bag
    RPET Fold Away Sling Bag

    $1.73 - $4.93 ea.

  • The Sailor Duffel Drawstring Sling
    The Sailor Duffel Drawstring Sling

    $4.71 - $12.07 ea.

  • Overnight Sensation Slingpack
    Overnight Sensation Slingpack

    $5.88 - $14.61 ea.

  • The Downtown Sling
    The Downtown Sling

    $2.24 - $3.59 ea.

  • Twister Sling Pack
    Twister Sling Pack

    $5.64 - $10.07 ea.

  • McKinley Computer Sling Bag
    McKinley Computer Sling Bag

    $11.24 - $30.55 ea.

  • Natural Curve Sling Backpack
    Natural Curve Sling Backpack

    $2.95 - $7.31 ea.

  • Vortex Deluxe Sling Bag
    Vortex Deluxe Sling Bag

    $10.58 - $18.88 ea.

  • The Brooklyn Deluxe Sling Backpack
    The Brooklyn Deluxe Sling Backpack

    $3.74 - $10.66 ea.

  • Sling Shot Sling Bag
    Sling Shot Sling Bag

    $4.22 - $7.53 ea.

  • Cutie Patootie Slingpack
    Cutie Patootie Slingpack

    $4.99 - $11.03 ea.

  • Busy Day Sling Backpack
    Busy Day Sling Backpack

    $2.30 - $5.89 ea.

  • Superlite Sling Bag
    Superlite Sling Bag

    $4.79 - $11.50 ea.

  • Sling Backpack (13" x 19" x 7")
    Sling Backpack (13" x 19" x 7")

    $5.44 - $8.70 ea.

  • Extreme Sling Bag
    Extreme Sling Bag

    $9.10 - $16.47 ea.

  • 2 Tone Color Splash Side Sling Pack
    2 Tone Color Splash Side Sling Pack

    $4.69 - $6.13 ea.

  • Polyester Sling Bag
    Polyester Sling Bag

    $4.11 - $14.56 ea.

  • Evolution Computer Mono Pack
    Evolution Computer Mono Pack

    $12.74 - $33.97 ea.

  • Vortex Compu Sling
    Vortex Compu Sling

    $13.40 - $23.92 ea.

  • Century Sling Bag
    Century Sling Bag

    $7.49 - $19.59 ea.

  • Malibu Sling Bag
    Malibu Sling Bag

    $4.87 - $12.18 ea.

  • Heritage Supply Tanner Sling Bag
    Heritage Supply Tanner Sling Bag

    $14.99 - $39.30 ea.

  • Fast Break Sport Bag
    Fast Break Sport Bag

    $11.24 - $30.55 ea.

  • Flash Tablet Sling Backpack (12")
    Flash Tablet Sling Backpack (12")

    $3.74 - $10.47 ea.

  • Two-Tone Drawstring Sports Pack
    Two-Tone Drawstring Sports Pack

    $2.99 - $4.79 ea.

  • Our Great Prices Will Help You Spread Your Brand with Custom Sling Bags

    Your customers already carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, what with all the stress and worry they deal with every day. The last thing they need is to strap a bunch of heavy books, camping supplies, and commuting necessities onto both shoulders, too!

    Personalized sling backpacks fit over one shoulder, which you might think would make using one to lift a heavy load even more uncomfortable, but that couldn't be further from the truth. A sling bag's strap sits a little higher on the shoulder that's hoisting it than a backpack strap would, which prevents weight from pulling on those sensitive shoulder joints. By wearing the strap across your torso, you get additional support. You also get to look like an ancient warrior, which we think is an excellent bonus.

    But you and your customers don't have to be fighters to enjoy a good customized sling bag. In fact, sling bags are ideal for relaxing outdoor hikes and days at the park. Many of them feature mesh pockets for water bottles and zippered pockets for small accessories, so you can bring everything you need with you, no matter how far you plan to go. So if you work at or run a nature preserve, a campground, or a rustic lodge, you'll get a lot of mileage out of promotional sling bags!

    Who else can make use of these single-shoulder wonders? Well, most custom sling backpacks are made from durable materials like nylon and heavy-duty polyester, so they're wonderful for people with active lifestyles. Gym and fitness center owners will find that these make excellent promotional giveaways, as will sports teams, who can use sling bags to haul each team member's equipment or offer them as personalized fundraiser items.

    And if your customers aren't hiking the Appalachian Trail or getting their circuit training groove on at the gym? They'll still find your company's branded sling bag handy during their morning commute or walk to their afternoon classes.

    Imprinted sling bags are available at all different price points, from the budget-friendly to the absolutely luxurious. Whatever occasion you want to order them for, we're sure to have a style of sling that's just your thing. With Quality Logo Products®, you'll have your next promotional event in the bag!