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Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

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Quality Logo Products has a long history of taking product safety standards seriously. For several years, we've offered customers access to reports conducted by an independent lab verifying the safety and quality of our products. These reports specify independent testing information for any chemicals that may be deemed hazardous, such as lead. All of our products meet the acceptable levels of lead and other hazardous materials, but we're more than happy to provide a report for any of our products by request.

How Does Quality Logo Products Comply With CPSIA?

According to CPSIA compliance regulations and requirements, the packaging for certain toys and games intended for use by children are required to contain a cautionary label regarding choking hazards. The law requires that advertising for these products must also contain an appropriate cautionary statement.

When a product's packaging requires a cautionary statement, our promotional products must use that same cautionary statement. If you want to know more check out the requirements outlined under section 9 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

CPSIA label

What Does All of That Mean?

Basically, if you sell a product that requires a choking hazard label and want to advertise that product, the same label has to go on your advertisement. We'd also like to take this time to clarify the following:


Some of Quality Logo Products' items may look like toys or resemble children's products, but they're not designed for or intended to be used by children 12 years old or younger.


Quality Logo Products' items are designed and intended to be used as advertising tools within the promotional products industry and are primarily designed and intended for adults.


Quality Logo Products is required by law to apply tracking labels to all products that are deemed a choking hazard or on any item that's being used by or marketed towards children.


Quality Logo Products will continue to make our product safety information available by request.

We Hope That This Information Helped

We hope this answers all of your safety questions and concerns! If you have any other questions, please feel free to give our customer service team a call! They'd be happy to chat about any concerns you may have.

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