Padfolios Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional padfolios!


What Are the Different Types of Padfolios?

There are zippered padfolios, mini padfolios, tech padfolios, and more. The one you choose will depend on how you plan on using it, but there's a padfolio out there for everyone.


What is the Difference Between a Padfolio and a Portfolio?

A portfolio has a handle and resembles a briefcase, while padfolio is a slim and portable folder. Both are great for working professionals!


Who Can Use a Padfolio?

Teachers, event planners, students, and interviewees are just a handful of those who can use a padfolio. Whether you work in an office or are constantly on-the-go, padfolios keep you nice and organized.


How Do You Advertise With Padfolios?

You can advertise with padfolios by having a promotional products company put a custom design on the front. Logos, slogans, and monograms all help spread the word about what your company does!

Leather is the most popular material for padfolios.


is the highest number of padfolios ordered at once.

Black is the most commonly ordered padfolio color.

237,140 padfolios were ordered last year.