Pet Products Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional pet products!


Is it Okay to Bring Your Dog to Work?

As long as your company allows it, it's perfectly okay to bring your dog to work. Studies show that a dog in the office can reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve your overall job satisfaction.


What Companies Have Used Animals in Their Advertising?

A bunch of well-known companies have used animals in their advertising. This includes Target's bulldog, Taco Bell's chihuahua, Geico's "Hump Day" camel, and Coca-Cola's polar bears.


What Are Custom Dog Treats?

Custom dog treats are any pet-safe food that are customized with a design. The design can be embossed directly on the treat, or screen or digitally printed onto the bag, box, or container.


How Do You Customize Pet Products?

If you own a pet store or run an animal shelter, you can customize pet products for your business. This is done through a promotional products company. You'll order your products in bulk, whether it's treats, toys, bandanas, blankets, or poop bags!

Dogs win over cats! 92% of orders are for dog promos, while only 8% are for cats.

Over 100,000 pet products were ordered last year.

The largest order of Bone Shaped Dog Biscuits was for 3,467 pieces.

The Pet Waste Disposal Bag Dispenser is the most popular product in this category.

Yellow is the most popular color for the Pet Toy Tennis Ball.