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Custom Emergency Preparedness KitsEmergency Prep

Our custom emergency preparedness kits are perfect for your car, home, or backpack. A variety to choose from at industry best prices!...

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  • Vehicle Escape Tool
    Vehicle Escape Tool

    $1.81 - $3.56 ea.

  • Clip-On Safety Light

    #1 Best Seller

    Clip-On Safety Light

    $0.73 - $2.01 ea.

  • Easy See Headlamp
    Easy See Headlamp

    $2.21 - $5.74 ea.

  • Survivor Kit
    Survivor Kit

    $1.505 - $2.51 ea.

  • Seat Belt Cutter
    Seat Belt Cutter

    $1.74 - $3.64 ea.

  • Compass Carabiner
    Compass Carabiner

    $1.37 - $3.70 ea.

  • Car Escape Tool with Dynamo Light
    Car Escape Tool with Dynamo Light

    $4.53 - $11.50 ea.

  • Tri-Safety Light Clip
    Tri-Safety Light Clip

    $1.025 - $2.76 ea.

  • On Target Headlamp
    On Target Headlamp

    $2.17 - $5.64 ea.

  • Dual Function Blinking Light
    Dual Function Blinking Light

    $0.97 - $1.55 ea.

  • Safety Light Arm Band
    Safety Light Arm Band

    $2.77 - $5.34 ea.

  • Emergency LED Glow Whistle
    Emergency LED Glow Whistle

    $1.69 - $4.46 ea.

  • Light Up Reflective Band
    Light Up Reflective Band

    $2.34 - $4.33 ea.

  • Safety Clip-On Reflector
    Safety Clip-On Reflector

    $0.67 - $1.07 ea.

  • Garrity 3 L.E.D. Headlamp 2 Lithium Battery
    Garrity 3 L.E.D. Headlamp 2 Lithium Battery

    $9.87 - $17.62 ea.

  • Emergency Night Light
    Emergency Night Light

    $6.70 - $11.03 ea.

  • Safety Sam 3-In-1 Escape Tool
    Safety Sam 3-In-1 Escape Tool

    $6.34 - $11.32 ea.

  • Flashlight/Emergency Tool
    Flashlight/Emergency Tool

    $6.71 - $16.45 ea.

  • Car Charger with Escape Safety Tool
    Car Charger with Escape Safety Tool

    $8.24 - $13.19 ea.

  • Gommer Head Lamp
    Gommer Head Lamp

    $2.99 - $7.30 ea.

  • Light-Up Reflective Safety Tag
    Light-Up Reflective Safety Tag

    $2.47 - $3.95 ea.

  • Brookstone 3-in-1 Emergency Light
    Brookstone 3-in-1 Emergency Light

    $20.30 - $32.48 ea.

  • CREE XTE Venture Headlamp
    CREE XTE Venture Headlamp

    $9.17 - $17.46 ea.

  • Clip Safety Light with LED Light
    Clip Safety Light with LED Light

    $2.11 - $4.30 ea.

  • LED Zipper Pull
    LED Zipper Pull

    $1.12 - $1.79 ea.

  • Safety Cone Strobe
    Safety Cone Strobe

    $1.005 - $2.56 ea.

  • When the Bough Breaks, You'll Be Ready with Custom Emergency Preparedness Kits!

    It might seem strange to buy a promotional product that you hope your recipients are never going to have to use, but in today's world, being prepared for anything is the best strategy to have. Here at Quality Logo Products®, we have every item that falls under "Emergency Preparedness" ready and available for order for your upcoming event or promotion.

    It's an unfortunate truth: almost everyone, at some point, will have to deal with some kind of emergency. This means, however, that almost every kind of business or organization has the chance to help its clients and employees feel more secure by giving them personalized emergency preparedness kits to have on hand.

    Our branded emergency kits are a natural fit for civic groups and local government offices, which already are devoted to keeping residents of a community safe and secure in their homes. Whether your office or organization is hosting a special home safety seminar, or you're looking for helpful items that people can bring home with them whenever they visit with a question, you'll find a wide variety of safety items to meet your needs.

    Custom Emergency preparedness items also work well with for companies related to cars and drivers, from automotive retailers to body shops to insurance companies. As anyone who's even just skidded a little on the road on a snowy day can tell you, accidents can happen in the car, too. We hope it doesn't happen to your customers, but if it does, having a custom emergency kit from your company in the trunk can help make a stressful situation better.

    Even when going out for a hike, a run, or a weekend at a campground, it's best for people to be prepared so that they can truly relax while they're supposed to be out relaxing. Custom emergency preparedness kits are great promo items for nature preserves, state and national parks, and even bait and tackle shops, and many are small enough that customers can carry them (and your brand name!) with them no matter how far they travel.

    Whether you're shopping for larger items like a Custom emergency kit that your customers can put in their cars in the winter, or pocket items that will help them in an emergency during a summer hike, QLP has the products that you--and your customers--need. Call us up or email us and we'll make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed before you commit to ordering.