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Personalized Golf Tees

Personalized golf tees are the perfect low cost gift for fans of the course! We have over 150 different sets of custom golf tees at the best prices around....

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  • Bulk Tees

    #1 Best Seller

    Bulk Tees

    $0.099 - $0.129 ea.

  • Plastic Golf Tee Set
    Plastic Golf Tee Set

    $0.953 - $1.74 ea.

  • Golf Tool Set Key Tag
    Golf Tool Set Key Tag

    $0.671 - $0.88 ea.

  • Tiger Golf Tees
    Tiger Golf Tees

    $0.047 - $0.062 ea.

  • Eco Golf Tees
    Eco Golf Tees

    $2.24 - $3.58 ea.

  • 2 3/4" Tall Tee
    2 3/4" Tall Tee

    $0.061 - $0.16 ea.

  • 3 1/4 Golf Tee
    3 1/4 Golf Tee

    $0.113 - $0.148 ea.

  • Golf Buddy
    Golf Buddy

    $0.743 - $1.19 ea.

  • 3 1/4" Tall Tee Plus
    3 1/4" Tall Tee Plus

    $0.069 - $0.16 ea.

  • 2-3/4" Golf Tees
    2-3/4" Golf Tees

    $0.106 - $0.138 ea.

  • Golf Pack
    Golf Pack

    $0.79 - $1.26 ea.

  • Personalized Pebble Golf Kit
    Personalized Pebble Golf Kit

    $0.684 - $0.89 ea.

  • Golf Tee Set
    Golf Tee Set

    $1.064 - $2.81 ea.

  • Oval Golf Tee Carrier
    Oval Golf Tee Carrier

    $0.73 - $1.71 ea.

  • 4 Tee Pack (2 3/4")
    4 Tee Pack (2 3/4")

    $0.57 - $0.91 ea.

  • 10 Tall Tees
    10 Tall Tees

    $0.74 - $5.12 ea.

  • Fore! Tee Set
    Fore! Tee Set

    $0.83 - $1.33 ea.

  • 4 Tall Tees Packaged
    4 Tall Tees Packaged

    $0.374 - $1.27 ea.

  • Caddie Golf Kit
    Caddie Golf Kit

    $1.253 - $2.08 ea.

  • Mirage Tee Pack
    Mirage Tee Pack

    $0.89 - $1.71 ea.

  • 4 Plus Tees and 1 Ball Marker
    4 Plus Tees and 1 Ball Marker

    $0.61 - $4.55 ea.

  • Golf Outing Kit
    Golf Outing Kit

    $4.23 - $5.53 ea.

  • 4-1 Golf Tee Packet - 2-3/4" Tee
    4-1 Golf Tee Packet - 2-3/4" Tee

    $0.81 - $1.59 ea.

  • One More Round Beverage Wrench
    One More Round Beverage Wrench

    $1.24 - $2.47 ea.

  • 6-2 Golf Tee Packet - 3 1/4" Tee
    6-2 Golf Tee Packet - 3 1/4" Tee

    $1.25 - $2.41 ea.

  • Grow Your Business One Hole at a Time with Personalized Golf Tees!

    When it comes to getting your brand name out there, we know that there's no place too small to overlook as a place where you can promote your organization. Sure, putting your logo up in lights on a billboard or on the side of a blimp will get you some attention for the time that it's up there, but how long can you afford to keep that going? Wouldn't it better to put your name on a product that people are sure to use?

    If you're trying to reach golf enthusiasts with your company, there's no better way to do that than to get your company name imprinted on golf accessories. One of our favorite surprise choices here at Quality Logo Products™ is the Personalized golf tee. That's right--as small as custom golf tees are, we can customize them for you at incredibly affordable prices.

    But you don't just have to stick to having the tees themselves imprinted. After all, who goes around with only one tee in his or her pocket? That's what we thought. As you browse this category, you'll notice that many of our customized golf tees are sold in packs or sets. That offers you even more options for imprinting. With these choices, you can imprint your logo on the bag or holder that contains all your tees. It makes your logo especially easy to see, which we think is tee-rific!

    Okay, so perhaps personalized golf tees aren't as versatile a giveaway as, say, a custom promotional pen or a custom t-shirt. We know you'll be surprised to hear it, but not everyone plays golf. However, these imprinted items are essential for any golf-themed event. Yes, that obviously means golf tournaments. If you're company is sponsoring the event, it only makes sense to hand out tees with your name on them to all the participants.

    What if you love golf, but there isn't a tournament in your immediate future? Not a problem! School golf teams will find that these make a great fundraising item or a fun item to give away when that big meet does happen (just don't whip these into the crowd--they're kinda sharp). And sporting goods stores will find that printed golf tees are a great resale item. Put a bunch into a jar by the register, and let people grab as many as they need when they're ready to check out!

    Get ready to tee up your success. Take a look at promotional golf tees from Quality Logo Products™!