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Promotional Ice ScrapersIce Scrapers

Get great deals on our promotional ice scrapers all year long! With over 100 styles to choose from, you'll find great custom ice scrapers for your brand....

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  • Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper (7")

    #1 Best Seller

    Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper (7")

    $0.96 - $1.37 ea.

  • Credit Card-sized Ice Scraper
    Credit Card-sized Ice Scraper

    $0.303 - $0.48 ea.

  • Ice Scraper Hand Mitten
    Ice Scraper Hand Mitten

    $2.32 - $3.04 ea.

  • Small Ice Scraper with Visor Clip
    Small Ice Scraper with Visor Clip

    $0.353 - $0.462 ea.

  • Deluxe Ice Scraper Snowbrush
    Deluxe Ice Scraper Snowbrush

    $2.05 - $2.68 ea.

  • Lil' Chizler Scraper
    Lil' Chizler Scraper

    $0.409 - $0.54 ea.

  • Visor Ice Scraper
    Visor Ice Scraper

    $0.59 - $1.31 ea.

  • 10" Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper
    10" Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper

    $1.04 - $2.23 ea.

  • Long Boy Ice Scraper and Brush
    Long Boy Ice Scraper and Brush

    $1.60 - $3.75 ea.

  • Long Handle Ice Scraper Snow Brush
    Long Handle Ice Scraper Snow Brush

    $1.90 - $3.87 ea.

  • Foam Handle Ice Scraper
    Foam Handle Ice Scraper

    $1.62 - $4.82 ea.

  • Ice Scraper Keychain
    Ice Scraper Keychain

    $0.68 - $1.13 ea.

  • Telescopic Ice Chisel Snowbrush
    Telescopic Ice Chisel Snowbrush

    $10.66 - $28.53 ea.

  • Small Ice Scraper
    Small Ice Scraper

    $0.44 - $0.70 ea.

  • Great Lakes Ice Scraper
    Great Lakes Ice Scraper

    $1.03 - $2.28 ea.

  • Dual Blade Ice Scraper (9")
    Dual Blade Ice Scraper (9")

    $0.533 - $0.85 ea.

  • Snowflake Ice Scraper
    Snowflake Ice Scraper

    $0.73 - $1.57 ea.

  • Comfort Grip Ice Scraper
    Comfort Grip Ice Scraper

    $1.81 - $4.99 ea.

  • 24" Foam Handle Snow Brush
    24" Foam Handle Snow Brush

    $4.43 - $11.95 ea.

  • The Gripper Ice Scraper
    The Gripper Ice Scraper

    $1.19 - $1.99 ea.

  • Deluxe Suede Ice Scraper Mitt
    Deluxe Suede Ice Scraper Mitt

    $3.83 - $10.34 ea.

  • Ice Scraper Glove
    Ice Scraper Glove

    $2.98 - $8.45 ea.

  • Warm Grip Ice Scraper
    Warm Grip Ice Scraper

    $1.83 - $4.82 ea.

  • Extendable Ice Scraper Brush
    Extendable Ice Scraper Brush

    $9.16 - $16.37 ea.

  • 'Break the Ice' Scraper
    'Break the Ice' Scraper

    $0.88 - $1.40 ea.

  • Ice Scraper
    Ice Scraper

    $0.413 - $1.20 ea.

  • Great Lakes Ice Scraper (7")
    Great Lakes Ice Scraper (7")

    $0.80 - $1.67 ea.

  • Deluxe Mitt Ice Scraper
    Deluxe Mitt Ice Scraper

    $3.83 - $10.34 ea.

  • Ultra Ice Scraper and Squeegee
    Ultra Ice Scraper and Squeegee

    $2.55 - $6.64 ea.

  • 3-in-1 Ice Scraper
    3-in-1 Ice Scraper

    $2.27 - $6.39 ea.

  • Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper (11 1/2")
    Heavy Duty Polar Ice Scraper (11 1/2")

    $1.36 - $2.70 ea.

  • Large Translucent Ice Scrapers
    Large Translucent Ice Scrapers

    $0.611 - $1.80 ea.

  • Large Mood Ice Scraper
    Large Mood Ice Scraper

    $0.64 - $1.82 ea.

  • Bear Claw Scraper
    Bear Claw Scraper

    $1.55 - $3.18 ea.

  • Snowman Ice Scraper
    Snowman Ice Scraper

    $0.729 - $2.19 ea.

  • Bright Night Lighted Ice Scraper
    Bright Night Lighted Ice Scraper

    $2.44 - $6.90 ea.

  • Large Ice Scrapers
    Large Ice Scrapers

    $1.31 - $2.10 ea.

  • Gripper Ice Scraper
    Gripper Ice Scraper

    $1.62 - $3.18 ea.

  • Tri-Edge Ice Scraper
    Tri-Edge Ice Scraper

    $1.043 - $2.83 ea.

  • White Ice Scraper
    White Ice Scraper

    $1.47 - $2.44 ea.

  • Break the Ice with Promotional Ice Scrapers from Quality Logo Products!

    We'll be the first to admit it: not every promotional product that Quality Logo Products™ offers is right for every customer. If your business is set up in Florida, for example, and you work mostly with locals, chances are you won't get a lot of mileage out of promotional ice scrapers, unless your customers have robust senses of humor.

    If, however, you're located anywhere where snow falls, then have we got the promotional product for you! Custom ice scrapers might not get used much outside of the winter months, but from December through February (or from October through April, if, like those of us at Quality Logo Products™, you're in the Chicago area), they're indispensable.

    Logo ice scrapers work for a variety of vehicles, all commuting to and from work during the cold season. We have ice scrapers for trucks, ice scrapers for cars, and even custom ice scrapers for buses. No matter how big your vehicle, our promotional ice scrapers will be a valuable addition to your winter survival kit.

    The promotional ice scrapers from Quality Logo Products come in all shapes and sizes. The simplest of our custom ice scrapers are small, hand-held items that fit perfectly in a glove compartment. The larger logo ice scrapers might have extendable handles or might come with snow brushes attached. These custom ice scrapers are particularly great for getting extra snow off the roof of your car. We're also extremely happy to offer custom ice scrapers with cozy mitts attached. This windshield ice scraper makes it easier for you to clean off your car without worrying about frostbite!

    Custom ice scrapers make practical promotional items for just about any kind of business involved with cars and trucks. Mechanics, how much damage do you see done to cars during the winter months? By giving out promotional ice scrapers, you'll help your customers remember exactly who to call the next time they're in a jam. Insurance company reps, we could ask you the same question! Don't you think your clients would appreciate promotional ice scrapers featuring your logo? From ice scrapers for cars to ice scrapers for trucks, we have a wide variety of custom ice scrapers that will help reduce road rage during the winter.

    Businesses who work with cars aren't the only ones who can use logo ice scrapers as their next promotional product. Schools will find that custom ice scrapers make handy giveaways. Most colleges and universities have a commuter population, or even a bunch of resident students who park on campus. Let's face it: most of their money is going to school supplies. If you come through with something as practical as a windshield ice scraper customized with your logo, they'll be sure to appreciate having one less thing to worry about.

    But college students aren't the only ones who will love receiving promotional ice scrapers. Police departments, community organizations, towing services, even condo associations and other groups will all appreciate logo ice scrapers to use during the chilly season. Any busy professional in any industry will love using custom ice scrapers.

    If you've felt that your promotional efforts have been under a deep freeze, look no further than Quality Logo Products™' selection of promotional ice scrapers!