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Promotional Ice Scrapers Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional ice scrapers!

3 ice scrapers

How Do You Customize Ice Scrapers?

If you need custom ice scrapers in bulk, you can order them directly from a promotional products company. You can customize ice scrapers and snow brushes in a variety of colors. Each one comes printed with your logo or text on the blade or handle.

Ice on windshield

Are Ice Scrapers Bad for Windows?

As long as you use a gentle touch, plastic ice scrapers won't damage your windshield or windows. Never use a scraper to remove ice from the car's body since it may cause scratches or chips in the paint.

Over 600,000 promotional ice scrapers sold last year.

White, green, and blue are the most popular colors for custom ice scrapers.

12% of the custom ice scrapers featured here also come with a built-in snow brush.

Let it snow! It's no surprise that November and December are the most popular months to order promotional ice scrapers.