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Custom Bookmarks

Our custom bookmarks make a fantastic gift for any bookworm. We have the best prices in town as well as FREE printing and FREE setup on select items....

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  • Bookmark Magnifiers

    #1 Best Seller

    Bookmark Magnifiers

    $0.51 - $1.00 ea.

  • Magnetic Mark Bookmark
    Magnetic Mark Bookmark

    $0.295 - $0.81 ea.

  • Bendable Book Light
    Bendable Book Light

    $0.981 - $1.283 ea.

  • Magnetic Bookmark
    Magnetic Bookmark

    $0.81 - $1.30 ea.

  • Fresnel Bookmark Magnifier
    Fresnel Bookmark Magnifier

    $0.645 - $1.85 ea.

  • 6" Magnifier Ruler With Bookmark
    6" Magnifier Ruler With Bookmark

    $0.442 - $0.71 ea.

  • Paper Bookmark
    Paper Bookmark

    $0.18 - $0.41 ea.

  • Business Card/Magnifier/Ruler/Bookmark
    Business Card/Magnifier/Ruler/Bookmark

    $0.70 - $2.19 ea.

  • Bookmark Magnilens (6")
    Bookmark Magnilens (6")

    $0.56 - $1.33 ea.

  • Arch Bookmark
    Arch Bookmark

    $0.16 - $0.59 ea.

  • Magnetic Mark Big Bookmark
    Magnetic Mark Big Bookmark

    $0.40 - $1.11 ea.

  • Rectangle Bookmark (2" x 7")
    Rectangle Bookmark (2" x 7")

    $0.16 - $0.59 ea.

  • Rectangle Bookmark (1 1/2" x 7")
    Rectangle Bookmark (1 1/2" x 7")

    $0.16 - $0.59 ea.

  • Bookmark with Seeds
    Bookmark with Seeds

    $0.624 - $1.33 ea.

  • Calatra Book Mark Magnifier
    Calatra Book Mark Magnifier

    $0.85 - $2.28 ea.

  • Pro-Reader Bookmark / Ruler / Magnifier
    Pro-Reader Bookmark / Ruler / Magnifier

    $0.823 - $2.39 ea.

  • Fresnel Bookmark Magnifier
    Fresnel Bookmark Magnifier

    $1.05 - $1.68 ea.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmark
    Breast Cancer Awareness Bookmark

    $0.26 - $0.43 ea.

  • Seeded Paper Bookmark
    Seeded Paper Bookmark

    $0.48 - $3.01 ea.

  • Deluxe Photo Bookmark
    Deluxe Photo Bookmark

    $0.92 - $2.59 ea.

  • Billboard Magnifier Bookmark
    Billboard Magnifier Bookmark

    $0.669 - $1.12 ea.

  • Bookmarker Magnifier with Clip and Ruler (4")
    Bookmarker Magnifier with Clip and Ruler (4")

    $0.712 - $1.19 ea.

  • Wavy Bookmark (2" x 6 1/2")
    Wavy Bookmark (2" x 6 1/2")

    $0.16 - $0.59 ea.

  • House Bookmark Magnifier
    House Bookmark Magnifier

    $0.62 - $1.54 ea.

  • Paws N Claws MagneticMark Bookmark
    Paws N Claws MagneticMark Bookmark

    $0.40 - $0.66 ea.

  • Breast Self-Exam Bookmark
    Breast Self-Exam Bookmark

    $0.26 - $0.43 ea.

  • Herb Plant a Shape Bookmark (Mint Green)
    Herb Plant a Shape Bookmark (Mint Green)

    $0.52 - $2.71 ea.

  • Raffia Tie Vellum Bookmark
    Raffia Tie Vellum Bookmark

    $0.63 - $3.16 ea.

  • Make a Big Impression with Custom Bookmarks from Quality Logo Products

    Do you remember when e-readers first came out? Naysayers everywhere were saying this meant the end of the printed book and soon we'd all be reading on screens and handheld plastic devices. Here at Quality Logo Products®, we don't believe reading on any device is a bad thing. We'd like to point out, however, that a number of recent reports say bookstores are back to growing in popularity, and libraries continue to provide essential community services. What all this means is that custom bookmarks will never go out of style! Personalized bookmarks are like little custom flyers and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Some of our custom bookmarks come with more imprint space for your logo than others, of course, but in general they provide plenty of room for all the important information your customers need to know like your name, phone number, and website. Despite all the space they offer, these custom bookmarks are small enough to fit in an envelope, making them great for a direct mail campaign to reach out to all the readers in your community. What kind of custom bookmarks would you like to give away? There are many styles of personalized bookmarks to choose from, almost as many as there are genres of fiction. Long and rectangular is just the beginning! In this category, you'll find custom bookmarks with rounded corners and tops, personalized bookmarks with special shapes and silhouettes die cut at the top, custom magnetic bookmarks, and metal bookmark clips. Need even more variety? There are also personalized magnifier bookmarks and custom bookmarks that double as sticky note holders. No matter which kind you choose, you'll find that personalized bookmarks are good for promoting more than bookstores and libraries (though they're a totally natural fit for those). If you work for a school or a nonprofit organization, there's no better way to help kids feel accomplished about what they've read than with custom bookmarks featuring your logo. If you own a hotel or resort, you know plenty of guests will spend their free time relaxing, most likely with a book. Help them find their page with personalized bookmarks! If you run any kind of healthcare office (especially an eye doctor's practice), you're sure to find your guests reading while they wait! Custom bookmarks are a thoughtful gesture and a promotional product sure to be appreciated by everyone!

    A good promotional product, like a good book, stays with a person for a long time. We think custom bookmarks have all the makings of a classic. Get ready to mark your place among the competition with our personalized bookmarks!