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Promotional Erasers

Promotional erasers in just about any shape, size, or color. Order now and get FREE printing, FREE setup, & guaranteed lowest prices on select items....

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  • Rase-A-Round Eraser
    Rase-A-Round Eraser

    $0.183 - $2.03 ea.

  • Jo-Bee Jumbo Eraser
    Jo-Bee Jumbo Eraser

    $0.311 - $0.41 ea.

  • Mood Erasers
    Mood Erasers

    $0.472 - $0.76 ea.

  • Flat Erasers

    #1 Best Seller

    Flat Erasers

    $0.311 - $0.41 ea.

  • Magnetic Dry Eraser
    Magnetic Dry Eraser

    $0.812 - $1.52 ea.

  • Push Stick Eraser
    Push Stick Eraser

    $0.452 - $0.591 ea.

  • Pencil Sharpener With Eraser
    Pencil Sharpener With Eraser

    $0.593 - $0.95 ea.

  • Eraser Stick
    Eraser Stick

    $0.52 - $0.83 ea.

  • Eliminator Eraser
    Eliminator Eraser

    $0.273 - $0.36 ea.

  • Achiever Pencil Sharpener and Eraser
    Achiever Pencil Sharpener and Eraser

    $0.614 - $1.41 ea.

  • Jo-Bee Round Eraser
    Jo-Bee Round Eraser

    $0.352 - $0.59 ea.

  • Eco Eraser Stick with Smiley Face
    Eco Eraser Stick with Smiley Face

    $0.40 - $0.52 ea.

  • Rectangular Eraser
    Rectangular Eraser

    $0.524 - $0.87 ea.

  • Die Cut Eraser (Paw)
    Die Cut Eraser (Paw)

    $0.533 - $0.85 ea.

  • Mood Die Cut Eraser (Circle)
    Mood Die Cut Eraser (Circle)

    $0.585 - $1.69 ea.

  • Mood Die Cut Eraser (Star)
    Mood Die Cut Eraser (Star)

    $0.585 - $1.69 ea.

  • Mood Die Cut Eraser (Paw)
    Mood Die Cut Eraser (Paw)

    $0.585 - $1.69 ea.

  • Die Cut Eraser (Fire Truck)
    Die Cut Eraser (Fire Truck)

    $0.533 - $0.85 ea.

  • Don't Get Erased by Competitors; Make Yourself Known with Promotional Erasers!

    There's a truth about writing by hand that you've known ever since you were young: the erasers on the back of pencils sometimes aren't that great, and even the good ones get worn away with time. You probably remember the first time you saw separate, stand-alone pink erasers on the list of school supplies you'd need for the fall. Now it's time to meet the grown up alternative to the standard pink variety - promotional erasers from Quality Logo Products®.

    Visit our website and you'll see custom erasers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes! Sure, you'll find promotional erasers available in standard shapes like circles and triangles but you'll also find custom shaped erasers die cut into stars, hearts, and even fire engines or animal paws. If you have a specific cause you want to promote, you're bound to something right for you in our selection of affordable promotional erasers.

    Custom printed erasers make excellent promotional products for people of all ages. Students (and the parents and guardians who buy their school supplies) are sure to love these fun custom shaped erasers. The best part is you don't have to be a kid to appreciate all the variety that custom erasers offer! As a budget-conscious adult shopping at Quality Logo Products®, you'll find cheap customized erasers that won't break the bank.

    Want to have even more fun with your promotional erasers? Quality Logo Products® has novelty custom erasers that do the job when it comes to cleaning up pencil marks. Among those are some our favorite desktop delights: custom mood erasers that change color with increased temperature. These fun custom erasers are joined by such party favors as custom eraser bracelets - promotional erasers kids can wear as a fashion statement and then take apart as a school supply. These unique custom printed erasers are excellent for pep rallies and end-of-the-school-year celebrations, as well as for everyday promotional products for after-school programs.

    Kids are definitely not the only ones who are sure to get use from these promotional erasers. Plenty of people keep pencils around for taking notes at home and in the office. If you think your clients could use promotional erasers to help with the little mistakes that crop up in adult life (and don't there seem to be a lot of them), we have promotional erasers and custom shaped erasers just for you.

    You won't want to get rid of the mark you make on customers when you give away promotional erasers. Browse our selection of custom erasers today!