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Lighters Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional lighters!

Customize Lighters

How Do You Customize Lighters?

Do you need wedding favors, holiday gifts, or cool merch for your band? You can customize lighters by reaching out directly to a promotional products company and ordering them in bulk.

types of lighters

What Are the Different Types of Lighters?

There are many different types of lighters you'll see for sale at stores. The most common types include: torch, butane, cigar, electric, flint, naphtha and windproof. Zippo and BIC are the most popular brands.

Recycle Lighter

Can You Recycle Lighters?

The short answer is no, most lighters cannot be recycled. The best bet is to bring your lighters to a hazardous waste collection event, which is typically held in most towns at least once a year.

Dobereiner's Lamp

When Was the Lighter Invented?

The first lighter was invented in 1823. It was known as "Dobereiner's Lamp" and looked nothing like the lighters we use today, instead relying on sulfuric acid, zinc, and hydrogen gas in order to work.

How Does a Lighter Work?

How Does a Lighter Work?

A lighter works due to a combination of a lever and a concentrated tube of fuel or gas. Butane, ferrocerium, piezoelectric crystals, or naphtha can all be used to fill a lighter and make it create a spark.

Black is the most popular color for standard flint lighters.


lighters were ordered last year.

September and November are the most popular months to order lighters.

58.78% of orders were for BIC lighters, 1.53% were for Zippos, and 39.69% were for other styles.