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Custom Lanterns

We have over 50 styles of custom lanterns so you can find a great promotional giveaway for any event. Get a FREE quote today on personalized lanterns!...

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  • Magnetic LED Work Light
    Magnetic LED Work Light

    $10.23 - $19.26 ea.

  • LED Scope Lantern Flashlight

    #1 Best Seller

    LED Scope Lantern Flashlight

    $6.06 - $15.02 ea.

  • Retractable LED Lantern
    Retractable LED Lantern

    $7.26 - $16.07 ea.

  • Micro Lantern
    Micro Lantern

    $1.26 - $7.36 ea.

  • Foldable Waterproof Container with Solar Light
    Foldable Waterproof Container with Solar Light

    $9.61 - $23.90 ea.

  • Liberty Camping Safety Rechargeable Lantern
    Liberty Camping Safety Rechargeable Lantern

    $37.49 - $59.98 ea.

  • Hanging Light
    Hanging Light

    $1.97 - $2.57 ea.

  • LED Lantern
    LED Lantern

    $3.81 - $8.29 ea.

  • Cirrus Lantern Flashlight
    Cirrus Lantern Flashlight

    $1.043 - $1.67 ea.

  • Duo LED Lantern
    Duo LED Lantern

    $35.17 - $86.93 ea.

  • Rocket Flashlight
    Rocket Flashlight

    $2.01 - $3.59 ea.

  • Extending Lantern Flashlight
    Extending Lantern Flashlight

    $3.74 - $5.99 ea.

  • COB Pop-Up Lantern
    COB Pop-Up Lantern

    $5.64 - $7.38 ea.

  • Candle Bright Dual Lantern
    Candle Bright Dual Lantern

    $4.94 - $12.35 ea.

  • Pop Up Lanterns
    Pop Up Lanterns

    $4.68 - $11.85 ea.

  • Magnetic LED Light Stick
    Magnetic LED Light Stick

    $1.405 - $1.84 ea.

  • Flare Power Bank Lantern Flashlight (2200 mAh)
    Flare Power Bank Lantern Flashlight (2200 mAh)

    $14.11 - $25.18 ea.

  • Camping Lantern Style Flashlight
    Camping Lantern Style Flashlight

    $5.24 - $14.62 ea.

  • High Sierra 66 LED 3 in 1 Camping Lantern
    High Sierra 66 LED 3 in 1 Camping Lantern

    $24.69 - $44.08 ea.

  • Project Worklight
    Project Worklight

    $8.24 - $20.51 ea.

  • Hang Tight LED Ready Light
    Hang Tight LED Ready Light

    $2.42 - $6.22 ea.

  • Burst Worklight
    Burst Worklight

    $6.74 - $16.72 ea.

  • Extendable COB Flashlight Lantern
    Extendable COB Flashlight Lantern

    $6.97 - $11.15 ea.

  • Brookstone 7800 mAh Power Bank Lantern with Flashlight
    Brookstone 7800 mAh Power Bank Lantern with Flashlight

    $32.49 - $51.98 ea.

  • Arch Clip Worklight
    Arch Clip Worklight

    $5.47 - $13.72 ea.

  • Little Helper Mountable Lantern
    Little Helper Mountable Lantern

    $2.44 - $3.90 ea.

  • Camping Light
    Camping Light

    $7.12 - $15.80 ea.

  • Magnetic Reflector Safety Light
    Magnetic Reflector Safety Light

    $2.21 - $6.26 ea.

  • Task Worklight
    Task Worklight

    $7.12 - $17.47 ea.

  • Lustrous Light
    Lustrous Light

    $1.49 - $2.39 ea.

  • Puller Flashlight
    Puller Flashlight

    $3.52 - $7.89 ea.

  • Safety Bright Light
    Safety Bright Light

    $8.21 - $17.07 ea.

  • COB Outdoor Lantern
    COB Outdoor Lantern

    $4.08 - $21.03 ea.

  • Light that Way to Better Branding with Awesome Custom Lanterns from Quality Logo Products!

    In brightest day, in blackest night, no deal shall escape your sight--not when you have Quality Logo Products™ to show you to the best prices on custom lanterns around!

    Despite our best nerdy wishes, the custom lanterns we offer do not come with power rings that will make you and your customers superheroes. What they do come with is the Quality Logo Products™ guarantee that you'll get the highest quality custom lanterns for the price.

    "Custom lanterns," you say. "Not exactly the most common promotional product around." Trust us, we know; we sell plenty of personalized pens and custom stress balls each month to be aware of just how true that statement is. But the promotional products we sell are called "advertising specialty items" for a reason, and there are niches these custom lanterns are ready to fill!

    When we say "custom lantern," you might end up with an image in your head of a rusty old metal thing with a candle burning inside. In truth, the custom lanterns at Quality Logo Products™ are battery-operated in almost every case, with bright, energy-efficient LED lights providing the illumination. And they aren't just bulbs that sit in a case and hang from a hook, either. Custom lanterns can refer to any kind of light source designed to hang or even to sit on a surface and brighten up a large space.

    This brings us back to those niches that custom lanterns can fill. Of course campground, nature preserves, and other environmental organizations can make great use of custom lanterns. Plus, selling a few custom lanterns in the gift store or supply shop is a great way to raise money to maintain the grounds and to make sure that guests stay safe if they're out after dark.

    But who says that custom lanterns can only be used outside? Surely you've had to crawl around in a garage or in the crawl space or attic to do some repairs, whether on the car or on the home (though we hope you're not working on your car in the attic, as that could present some extreme challenges). Battery-powered promotional custom lanterns are ideal for working in dark conditions, which make them idea for promoting auto body shops, mechanic garages, home repair providers, and even insurance companies.

    Custom lanterns are a useful and pleasantly surprising way to shine a light on your company and help you stand out from the crowd. So get glowing, er, going, and take a look at custom lanterns from Quality Logo Products®!