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Custom Plaques

We have custom plaques of all sizes and shapes at competitive prices. Give the gift of appreciation today!...

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  • Acrylic Plaque

    #1 Best Seller

    Acrylic Plaque

    $27.20 - $35.57 ea.

  • Avignon Crescents Beveled Jade Glass Plaque
    Avignon Crescents Beveled Jade Glass Plaque

    $20.40 - $26.54 ea.

  • Floating Glass Plaque
    Floating Glass Plaque

    $126.70 - $165.68 ea.

  • Leadership Award Plaque (9" x 11")
    Leadership Award Plaque (9" x 11")

    $174.55 - $193.81 ea.

  • Lasered Lucite on Bamboo Plaque (Medium)
    Lasered Lucite on Bamboo Plaque (Medium)

    $66.32 - $86.72 ea.

  • Connection Plaque Rosewood (8" x 10")
    Connection Plaque Rosewood (8" x 10")

    $33.81 - $44.22 ea.

  • Plaque with Black Florentine (Large)
    Plaque with Black Florentine (Large)

    $52.94 - $69.23 ea.

  • Architectural Metal Swirl Wall Plaque (Gold)
    Architectural Metal Swirl Wall Plaque (Gold)

    $49.38 - $64.57 ea.

  • Lucite Riser Plaque with Choice of Plate
    Lucite Riser Plaque with Choice of Plate

    $61.98 - $81.05 ea.

  • Choice Plaque
    Choice Plaque

    $40.27 - $69.35 ea.

  • Acrylic Glow Award
    Acrylic Glow Award

    $25.05 - $32.76 ea.

  • Metallic Shooting Star Award
    Metallic Shooting Star Award

    $33.88 - $44.31 ea.

  • Architectural Metal Swirl Wall Plaque (Silver)
    Architectural Metal Swirl Wall Plaque (Silver)

    $47.89 - $76.62 ea.

  • Dual Blue Award
    Dual Blue Award

    $91.06 - $119.08 ea.

  • Metallic Award
    Metallic Award

    $31.76 - $41.54 ea.

  • Inspire Loyalty and Show Appreciation with the Best-Priced Custom Plaques

    If you need a way to thank your star employees, commemorate a big work anniversary, or thank your partner businesses and suppliers for a job well done, you want to do more than present them with a flimsy certificate and a firm handshake. Give them something lasting and beautiful with a personalized plaque. Because we have so many options and the guaranteed lowest prices, you have the freedom to be completely creative in your congratulations.

    Customized plaques are more than just an enduring reminder of achievement. They can brighten up walls and shelves; they also brighten up the spirits of the recipients. Whether a plaque is being given as an award to one individual for outstanding contributions to company progress or to a whole business for their excellent, tireless work and service in your industry, it's a beautiful way to show your appreciation.

    Made of metal, glass, acrylic, or wood, our elegant promotional plaques make outstanding customized awards for any accomplishment. Say congratulations on a successful marketing or sales campaign, a great new web design, or a new product release with a long-lasting wood plaque. Whether you need something formal and classic for your board members; something fun, colorful, and modern for your media team; or just want to make a bold statement in the lobby of your best supplier, we can find and customize the perfect plaque for you!

    If you're looking for something your employees will plant on their desks with pride and prestige, we have lots of freestanding customizable plaques and awards. No matter what size tabletop plaque you pick, there's lots of room to personalize with a congratulatory message. Stunning and easily engraved, our standing plaques and awards are great for boosting morale and are a decorating highlight on even the messiest desk.

    But just because engraved plaques are a staple within the world of business, that doesn't mean customers, employees, and clients are the only people who deserve to see their names etched on stunning awards. If your business sponsors any local school or extracurricular sports teams, you know there's nothing like a plaque to congratulate them on a great season. In fact, schools themselves can give away award plaques to recognize achievement within the organization, as can churches and community nonprofits.

    No matter who you want to thank and honor - great employees, solid leadership staff, business partners, efficient suppliers, or even people outside the world of business - we've got the beautiful custom engraved plaques ready to help convey your gratitude.