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Personalized Tower AwardsTower Awards

Check out these beautiful custom crystal obelisks and personalized tower awards. We have the best prices in town as well as FREE printing & FREE setup on select items....

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  • Blue Accent Crystal Tower Award

    #1 Best Seller

    Blue Accent Crystal Tower Award

    As Low As $84.25 ea.

  • Radiance Silver Plated Column Clock
    Radiance Silver Plated Column Clock

    As Low As $25.04 ea.

  • Doric Award
    Doric Award

    As Low As $64.88 ea.

  • Star Power Sculptured Lucite Award (Medium)
    Star Power Sculptured Lucite Award (Medium)

    As Low As $86.25 ea.

  • Large Inclination Award
    Large Inclination Award

    As Low As $102.88 ea.

  • Spectra Pillar - 10"
    Spectra Pillar - 10"

    As Low As $153.42 ea.

  • Shooting Star Award (Small)
    Shooting Star Award (Small)

    As Low As $151.78 ea.

  • Luminous Award
    Luminous Award

    As Low As $149.34 ea.

  • Sail Blue Award
    Sail Blue Award

    As Low As $108.23 ea.

  • Bristol Obelisk with Wood Base
    Bristol Obelisk with Wood Base

    As Low As $327.99 ea.

  • Sky Scraper Award
    Sky Scraper Award

    As Low As $108.23 ea.

  • Oval Step Award
    Oval Step Award

    As Low As $108.23 ea.

  • Don't Let Your Appreciation Go Unsaid, Thank Your Employees with Personalized Tower Awards

    The purpose of giving out awards is to recognize people who have gone above and beyond the expectations that had been set out for them. To let them know that they're extraordinary people. To show them that they tower above the rest, if you will. So why not choose an award piece that speaks to the amazing heights they've reached?

    Each of the award pieces in this category are what we refer to as tower awards. You might also think of them as obelisks, depending on how familiar you are with the architecture of ancient Egypt. No matter what name you use, the basic idea is easy to understand: these are awards that stand taller than they do wide and that often get narrower closer to the top. The result? Your award recipients end up with little spire statues on their desks or bookshelves. How impressive is that?

    Most tower awards are made from glass or optical crystal. They have plenty of facets and bold, dramatic angles that, in conjunction with the material used, create a sparkling, eye-catching look that puts all attention where it needs to be: on the person receiving the award. You might also find tower awards made from other materials, such as wood, in this category. However you define "elegance," you'll find a tower award to match the look in here.

    These towers make great employee awards for workers who have reached company milestones. Staff members who are retiring and employees who have earned remarkable sales numbers all seem to appreciate awards that demonstrate that they've arrived at the pinnacle of success. Climbing the corporate ladder seems like a small task for someone who's at the top of the tower!

    You don't have to be part of a corporate hierarchy to appreciate giving away a crystal obelisk for a special occasion, though. These custom crystal awards make an excellent way to say "Congratulations!" to any teacher winning a Teacher of the Year award or to students who have made astounding achievements in their studies or extracurricular pursuits. They're wonderful for recognizing community volunteers and philanthropists who have supported a nonprofit organization. And winners of a golf tournament or other sports championship will enjoy displaying this piece commemorating their first-place finish. Trust us; it's way more elegant than running around and singing "We Are the Champions" at top volume.

    We think you'll find the service you'll receive at Quality Logo Products® a top-tier experience, so take a look; we're sure you'll find the exact tower award piece you need to help your organization stand high above the competition!