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Resource Center » How Does Laser Engraving Work and Why is the Engravement the Color It Is?

How laser engraving works and how to choose the perfect laser engraver.

Laser engraving is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Light is amplified with mirrors and then directed toward the item to be engraved, and then the laser vaporizes the area and removes material from its path. The laser does not transmit color but it can change the color of the engraved item.
The process of energizing the light with mirrors is simple but powerful. The laser beam is created by an opening in one of the mirrors that lets the energized light escape to engrave its object. The laser diameter is determined by the size of the opening in the mirror, and it can be smaller than a pin head! Any color change of the item is caused by the interaction of the laser and the material being engraved.
Because laser engraving is precise and it can be used on so many surfaces, it is considered to be the perfect imprinting method for
promotional items such as personalized pens. Lasers can be directed accurately on small areas and they can be set for thousands of repetitions.
There are many quality laser engravers that each have their own special uses and functions. Laser engravers should be chosen according to the item and the material of the items to be engraved. Engravers with a combination of functions may seem convenient, but they may not always fit the needs of specific items. It helps to know the specifications of items to be engraved because then you can choose the laser engraver that will be the most effective and efficient.
Promotional items are usually made of different materials and it can be difficult to find one engraver for all of the surfaces. Metal is often engraved with a Nd:YAG laser. Rubber, plastic, and wood are often engraved with a CO2 laser.
Different plastics may have their color changed by laser engraving (anywhere from white to black), but not all surfaces will change color from the laser engraving. Anodized aluminum often turns white as a result of laser engraving. Metal surfaces do not always change colors, but laser engraving will cut through the color of painted metals and to the base color of the metal.
Laser engraving uses a beam of light to engrave the item and no sharp tools of any kind are necessary. There is no direct contact between the machinery and the item being engraved, so there is little danger of being hurt by moving machinery and the machines have fewer parts to wear out.
Just as it is important to choose laser engraving equipment according to the items being engraved, it is also important to choose laser engraving software according to the items being engraved. If you consider who will be using the software and consider the types of jobs each machine can perform, then it will help you choose the best software.
To ensure environmental safety and to ensure that the laser engraver will run efficiently, it's important to choose the right exhaust system. If you get the exhaust system that fits the laser engraving equipment and the kind of products engraved, then you are on the right track. You should also consider the type and size of your business and the capabilities of the employees running the equipment.
With today’s technology, creating laser engraved pens is as easy as placing the pen in the engraver, setting the computer software on the process needed, and letting the laser direct light to engrave one or thousands of pens.

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