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Promotional Multi-Color HighlightersMulti-Color Highlighters

Our promotional multi-color highlighters are the best you'll find online. Order now and get FREE printing, FREE setup, and the lowest price on select items....

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  • Flower Highlighters

    #1 Best Seller

    Flower Highlighters

    $0.70 - $0.914 ea.

  • TriMark Triangular Highlighter
    TriMark Triangular Highlighter

    $0.83 - $2.00 ea.

  • Triangle Highlighter
    Triangle Highlighter

    $0.471 - $0.62 ea.

  • Five Prong Highlighter
    Five Prong Highlighter

    $0.70 - $0.914 ea.

  • Mini Tri Highlighter
    Mini Tri Highlighter

    $0.49 - $0.78 ea.

  • High-Five Highlighters
    High-Five Highlighters

    $1.185 - $3.73 ea.

  • Daisy Highlighter
    Daisy Highlighter

    $0.932 - $2.02 ea.

  • Gel Triangle Highlighter
    Gel Triangle Highlighter

    $0.76 - $1.22 ea.

  • Tri-Highlighter

    $0.562 - $1.70 ea.

  • 5 In 1 Highlighter Set
    5 In 1 Highlighter Set

    $1.72 - $2.75 ea.

  • Fab Five Multicolor Highlighters
    Fab Five Multicolor Highlighters

    $0.825 - $2.21 ea.

  • The Triple-Header Highlighter
    The Triple-Header Highlighter

    $0.529 - $0.692 ea.

  • Tri-Highlighter (Transparent Caps)
    Tri-Highlighter (Transparent Caps)

    $0.64 - $1.71 ea.

  • Fun Lighter Fluorescent Highlighter
    Fun Lighter Fluorescent Highlighter

    $1.06 - $2.23 ea.

  • Mini Max Highlighter Pack
    Mini Max Highlighter Pack

    $1.75 - $2.92 ea.

  • StarMark Highlighter
    StarMark Highlighter

    $1.80 - $4.85 ea.

  • 'Handy' Highlighter
    'Handy' Highlighter

    $1.19 - $1.91 ea.

  • 3-Color Highlighter
    3-Color Highlighter

    $0.792 - $1.32 ea.

  • Outie Highlighter
    Outie Highlighter

    $0.48 - $0.80 ea.

  • Mr. Highlighter
    Mr. Highlighter

    $1.49 - $2.39 ea.

  • Rainbow Highlighter
    Rainbow Highlighter

    $1.25 - $2.08 ea.

  • Trimark Confetti Highlighter
    Trimark Confetti Highlighter

    $0.97 - $1.61 ea.

  • Highlighter Set
    Highlighter Set

    $2.60 - $7.09 ea.

  • 3-Color Heart Highlighter
    3-Color Heart Highlighter

    $1.12 - $2.96 ea.

  • 2 Color Highlighter
    2 Color Highlighter

    $0.61 - $0.97 ea.

  • Plastic Flower Highlighter
    Plastic Flower Highlighter

    $1.07 - $2.66 ea.

  • Star-Lighter Five Color Fluorescent Star Shaped Highlighter
    Star-Lighter Five Color Fluorescent Star Shaped Highlighter

    $1.06 - $2.23 ea.

  • 3 Piece Stackable Highlighter
    3 Piece Stackable Highlighter

    $1.08 - $3.34 ea.

  • Set Of 5 Wax Highlighters
    Set Of 5 Wax Highlighters

    $2.06 - $3.30 ea.

  • Bullet Twist Action 3 in 1 Fluorescent Highlighter
    Bullet Twist Action 3 in 1 Fluorescent Highlighter

    $0.993 - $2.28 ea.

  • Spectra Highlighter
    Spectra Highlighter

    $1.15 - $6.30 ea.

  • Bi Lighter Dual Ended Highlighter
    Bi Lighter Dual Ended Highlighter

    $0.54 - $0.86 ea.

  • PromoSpinner Tri-Highlighter
    PromoSpinner Tri-Highlighter

    $1.34 - $3.43 ea.

  • Get Bold and Colorful with Promotional Multi-Color Highlighters from Quality Logo Products!

    It's one thing to take detailed notes while you're in class, at a conference, or in a work meeting. But it's another thing altogether to divide your notes into categories and highlight each pertinent piece of information with promotional highlighters of a different color. We're here to keep your notes organized with promotional multi-color highlighters! Whether you want flower-shaped custom highlighters with five different colors or triangular personalized highlighters with three different colors, you'll find a wide variety of unique highlighters to promote your brand.

    Using promotional highlighters in various colors is an amazing way to keep printed material organized. You know what's not amazing, though? Carrying around a bunch of different promotional highlighters in your handbag or backpack, especially if you're already carrying other items like keys, pens, and a smartphone. You - and your similarly organized customers - need a better solution. You need promotional multi-color highlighters from Quality Logo Products™.

    How many colors do you think you'll need in your custom printed highlighters? Plenty of people find that having three neon colors available on their promotional highlighters does wonders when it comes time to break down those large chunks of text. That's what makes our highlighter pens mulitcolor so popular. Several of our three-color custom highlighters allow you to select the ink colors you like best and include fluorescent blue and orange among the colors.

    But maybe three colors aren't enough for all of the material that you and your clients have to tackle. Fear not - there are always promotional highlighters with up to five colors available! The best part about those promotional multi-color highlighters is they come in fun shapes. Our favorite shapes for personalized highlighters are the flowers and the high-five hand highlighters. Each petal or finger is a different color - how could your customers not want to give you a high five after receiving one of those? Our highlighter pens multicolor are a fun, practical way to keep your desk, bag, or supply closet organized. Not to mention, you can stop ordering so many promotional highlighters in a variety of colors! We have everything you need in one promotional product with promotional multi-color highlighters!

    Promotional multi-color highlighters make excellent gifts for students, especially for college students, as anyone who's ever had to study organic chemistry or write a term paper about Beowulf knows. But highlighter pens multicolor are also wonderful for office workers and for clients at law firms, financial service providers, and consulting firms. All of these businesses have plenty of paperwork to handle, which means they'll love receiving custom highlighters featuring your logo.

    Quality Logo Products™ has plenty of options in promotional multi-colored highlighters for you to consider, so take a look around! Our customer service team is here to answer any questions along the way and make sure you find amazing promotional highlighters at an affordable price.

    Go ahead, take your personalized highlighters to the next level with promotional multi-color highlighters from Quality Logo Products!