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20 of Our Most Unusual Promo Items

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Promo Expert

Weird is wonderful, at least as far as Promo University® is concerned! When it comes to promotional items, we know there are a lot of traditional customer favorites. We also know choosing an unusual promotional item, like the ones you'll find in this article, has the potential to make your business memorable enough to go down in history!

Are you looking for something unusual for your next giveaway, something oddly specific that you were almost sure no one would ever sell? Are you just curious about how weird and wacky the world of custom items can get? Take a look at the list below, we think we've got what you want!

Flex Man Digital Clock

If you've ever wished for a mini assistant to sit by your side, look no further. Our Flex Man Digital Clock. has a flexible body, and a clock for a face. Have just one face-to-face glance at this item, and we guarantee you'll never be late for an appointment again. Flex Man never lets you forget the time, practically shouting it in your face with every glance. It's the sweet gift of punctuality.

Product: The Flex Man Digital Clock

Bristle Buddy Computer Duster

Bristle Buddy Computer Duster Admit've always wanted a smiling face watching over as you complete your computer work. We know it feels comfortable to have that reassurance, and the Bristle Buddy Computer Duster provides just the companionship you need. Just attach this item to the top of your screen, and Bristle Buddy lets you detach its head to easily clean computer surfaces in a one-and-done motion.

Product: Bristle Buddy Computer Duster


Some promotional products have mass-market appeal. Others... well, let's say that they're designed for a niche audience. We're just happy that the FishscorerTM isn't actually used to score fish (not that there's anything wrong with a good hunting knife). Instead, this is a gadget created with one purpose, and one purpose only: to keep track of the length and weight of each fish caught for the day. The promotional products industry has something for everyone!

Product: FishscorerTM

Mop Topper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pen

Let the Mop Topper Pen and its multi-functionality assist you in all the work you complete. This promo has it all: a full head of hair for screen cleaning, a wonderful ballpoint tip, and a useful stylus pointer. Combine practicality with a bit of a wild side, and your pen's necktie shaped clip will be enough to draw in the big business.

Product: Mop Topper Screen Cleaner with Stylus Pen

Tooth Figure Stress Ball

What is it that people find bizarre about the Tooth Figure Stress Ball? Maybe it's the idea of a tooth having wacky arms or bendy legs. Maybe it's the way it appears to be smiling hopefully, as if silently asking you to floss it and otherwise care for it. Either way, show executives that it's okay to have some fun when they're at their desks and personalize some weird promo items like this one for your events!

Product: Tooth Figure Stress Ball

Sumo Stress Reliever

De-stress your clients Sumo-squat style with our Sumo Stress Reliever. Place your imprint directly on his belly (or our many other imprint areas), and let the branding match begin! The stress reliever's poised squatting stance makes displaying it a breeze, allowing your logo to "stand on its own" no matter what. With this unconventional design, your brand is guaranteed to emerge from the ring in victory.

Product: Sumo Stress Ball

DNA ID Kit and Fingerprint ID Kit

Crime shows have grown in popularity over the past couple of decades, but the DNA ID Kit and the Fingerprint ID Kit are still accused of being some of the weirdest promotional products. They prove that problem-solving and sleuthing are cool, though, and (unfortunately for the perpetrators of a crime) they're definitely a memorable giveaway!

Product: DNA ID Kit and Fingerprint ID Kit

Cyclone Fan

We'll be honest: when we first saw the Cyclone Fan, we had no idea what it was. Was it a bicycle seat cover, maybe? A really subtle bachelor/bachelorette party favor? Turns out that it's a durable fabric hand fan that stands up to lots of bending, folding, and packing, so it's great for summer getaways.

Product: DNA ID Kit and Fingerprint ID Kit

Creative Minds Award

Just when you thought that all trophies and paperweights had to be globe-shaped, cup-shaped, or shaped like something that belongs in a museum of contemporary art, Quality Logo Products comes along and offers the Creative Minds Award. Who knew a glass skull could be an item that can be engraved with a company logo?

Product: Creative Minds Award

Compact Shoe Shine Kit

We can't say we personally know too many people who still get their shoes shined, but for those who have committed to the look and have gone all out with a brightly polished pair of wingtips, we salute you! The Compact Shoe Shine Kit is commonly used for hotels and shoe stores, but you could use it for any company promotion that needs a bit of the unusual.

Product: Compact Shoe Shine Kit

Digital Wine Tester

Speaking of items made for a specific audience: wine connoisseurs won't have anything negative to say about the Digital Wine Tester! These weird products have built-in thermometers and temperature gauges to ensure your clients will never have to drink inferior wine ever again. And feel free to send that wine over to Quality Logo Products! We're not picky.

Product: Digital Wine Tester

Silicone Slap Bracelet

Slap bracelets are making a serious comeback. When we were kids we used to try and smack each other with them, but now they're a fun promotional giveaway! It might be weird to think of your formal corporate logo printed on one, but the Silicone Slap Bracelet will play up the nostalgia factor and have all the '90s kids flocking to your booth!

Product: Silicone Slap Bracelet

Bungee Rocket

Here's one for the "Yes, you really can print a logo on just about anything" files. These unique toys are sure to be a hit at every summer trade show, fun fair, or company picnic. If you're looking for a promo item that's a little bit off the beaten path, the Bungee Rocket is a great way to get your logo in customers' hands and in the air!

Product: Bungee Rocket

Stress-O-Meter 6" Ruler

We're no strangers to color-changing mood products at Quality Logo Products. We're used to using our rulers to measure basic things, like a piece of ribbon. Using a ruler to measure our stress is a novel idea, but that's exactly what the Stress-O-Meter 6" Ruler does. Pro tip: if you're using it to precisely line up your gift wrap, chances are that color-changing square is going to show black.

Product: Stress-O-Meter 6 inch ruler

Sip N' Spill Coaster

Coasters don't have to be plain old round pieces of wood. These fun coasters make it look like there's a spilled drink on the table! However, the good news is that the table is clean, and you can prevent spills and condensation with the Sip N' Spill Coaster. These truly unique giveaway items are great for restaurants and coffee shops!

Product: Sip N' Spill Coaster

Hand Grip Fitness Bottle

Although it may not seem like much, these easy grip sports bottles hold 10 ounces worth of liquid refreshment. Break away from traditional shapes and put your logo on something eye-catching instead! With the Hand Grip Fitness Bottle, your company will display your brand on a strikingly unique design. This molded plastic design works for athletes, outdoor activities, and even your weekly fitness regimen.

Product: Hand Grip Fitness Bottle (10 Oz.)

Helping Hand Sanitizer

Lend a hand to your business plan by passing out a germ-battling Helping Hand Sanitizer. Your customers will appreciate these functional, yet unique giveaways during flu and cold season, or when they are forced to use a public bathroom. Best of all, the unique shape helps your business stand out from the competition. And who doesn't need a hand when it comes to making a memorable impression?

Product: Helping Hand Sanitizer

Giant Wood Pencil

Make a big branding impression and show off your sense of humor with the help of a Giant Wood Pencil. This fun giveaway makes an enormous impact and puts to shame the #2 variety we all used during school. While this unique product may not fit in your customer's bag or pocket, it will definitely warrant second glances whenever their caught jotting down their to-do list or sketching a self-portrait.

Product: Giant Wood Pencil Opener

Guitar Key Chain Bottle Opener

When it comes to custom giveaways, handing out something conventional might not be your jam. Hit the right branding chord with the help of the Guitar Key Chain Bottle Opener. Unlike typical bottle openers, this unique top-popper will display not only your love for music, but also your desire to stand out from the crowd. Available in four fun colors, you're guaranteed to find one that fits your business or organization!

Product: Giant Wood Pencil

High-Five Highlighters

Boring office supplies may cause even the hardest worker to feel unimaginative. Provide brand inspiration with a unique product like the High-Five Highlighter. No matter what color you're looking for, this unique product has a hue for you! Keep your hardworking clients and employees motivated to show off your brand's true colors. This unconventional item will cause a parade of high-fives to come to your tradeshow booth, every time!

Product: High-Five Highligher

As odd as each of these unusual products is, it still has space for company information such as a logo, a slogan, a phone number, or an address. Remember: the more unusual and memorable a promotional product, the greater the odds are your customers will show it off, exposing your business to all kinds of people. Creating a useful and distinctive product to promote your business or service is one of the best ways to advertise!