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Browse our selection of cannabis promotional products and custom items for the cannabis industry. Get a quote on custom marijuana items and cannabis marketing items with FREE customization at...

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  • Cannabis Leaf Stress Reliever

    #1 Best Seller

    Cannabis Leaf Stress Reliever

    $1.175 - $1.88 ea.

    Order as few as 150

  • Cannabis Leaf Stress Reliever Keyring
    Cannabis Leaf Stress Reliever Keyring

    $0.98 - $1.57 ea.

    Order as few as 150

  • Plastic Grinder
    Plastic Grinder

    $1.64 - $4.24 ea.

    Order as few as 75

  • Child Resistant Tube
    Child Resistant Tube

    $0.442 - $1.23 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • Bleached Rice Rolling Paper
    Bleached Rice Rolling Paper

    $0.741 - $1.58 ea.

    Order as few as 125

  • Flip Top Tube
    Flip Top Tube

    $0.368 - $1.02 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • Buddies Compact Super Slipp
    Buddies Compact Super Slipp

    $1.57 - $4.07 ea.

    Order as few as 75

  • Flip Top Bottle (Small)
    Flip Top Bottle (Small)

    $0.413 - $1.08 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • Access Apothecary
    Access Apothecary

    $2.21 - $3.54 ea.

    Order as few as 150

  • Buddies Qube Super Slipp
    Buddies Qube Super Slipp

    $3.37 - $8.12 ea.

    Order as few as 75

  • 4ml Pacifico Non-Stick Container
    4ml Pacifico Non-Stick Container

    $1.12 - $1.79 ea.

    Order as few as 100

  • Pacifico Accessories Bag
    Pacifico Accessories Bag

    $1.69 - $2.70 ea.

    Order as few as 100

  • Browse a Selection of Cannabis Promotional Products from Quality Logo Products!

    Medical marijuana is legal in over half the country, meaning there is an entire industry looking to market their services with cannabis promotional products from Quality Logo Products!

    We have a wide variety of cannabis marketing items to promote medical marijuana and general health and wellness. Not to mention, our selection of custom marijuana items is always expanding, keeping on trend with what's popular in your industry. Whether you're looking for custom marijuana accessories like cannabis leaf stress relievers or something simple like cannabis leaf keychains, you will find only high-quality, affordable custom cannabis items. 

    We understand you have a very specific industry to market and standard promotional products like custom water bottles or personalized pens may not resonate with your target audience. That's okay! We're here to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for in cannabis promotional items. Our custom marijuana accessories will remind your customers of your brand, every time! 

    Any healthcare faclity that prescribes medical marijuana would benefit promoting their services with custom cannabis items. After all, you want your patients to know where they can turn for all of their ailments and medical concerns. A cannabis leaf keychain or cannabis leaf stress reliever will be seen by your customers every day, serving as a constant reminder of your brand. 

    You could easily Google a wide variety of cannabis promotional products and find a plethora of places to go for your customizing needs. However, Quality Logo Products is the only place where you'll get upfront pricing, a personable customer service rep, and free setup on your reorders. Why go anywhere else for your cannabis marketing items? 

    If you're ready to promote your industry with awesome products at affordable prices, look no further than cannabis promotional products from Quailty Logo Products.