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Custom Thermometers

Choose from over 75 custom thermometers with a variety of printing options. We have a great selection of promotional thermometers for your next giveaway....

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  • Pen Cup with Digital Alarm Clock and Thermometer

    #1 Best Seller

    Pen Cup with Digital Alarm Clock and Thermometer

    $3.19 - $7.58 ea.

  • Digital Thermometers
    Digital Thermometers

    $2.10 - $3.98 ea.

  • Equinox Wireless Weather Station With Color Display
    Equinox Wireless Weather Station With Color Display

    $38.82 - $50.76 ea.

  • Clear Pen Cup with Digital Alarm Clock and Thermometer
    Clear Pen Cup with Digital Alarm Clock and Thermometer

    $4.01 - $9.56 ea.

  • Digital Thermometer In Case
    Digital Thermometer In Case

    $2.19 - $4.04 ea.

  • Analog Clock With Weather Station
    Analog Clock With Weather Station

    $6.80 - $16.95 ea.

  • Forehead Thermometer Kit
    Forehead Thermometer Kit

    $1.034 - $2.90 ea.

  • Remote Weather Station
    Remote Weather Station

    $33.74 - $83.64 ea.

  • Fever Finder Thermometer
    Fever Finder Thermometer

    $3.42 - $5.70 ea.

  • Carabiner with Thermometer KeyTag
    Carabiner with Thermometer KeyTag

    $1.50 - $3.86 ea.

  • Forehead Thermometer
    Forehead Thermometer

    $0.90 - $2.29 ea.

  • Translucent Digital Thermometer
    Translucent Digital Thermometer

    $7.36 - $9.62 ea.

  • Digital Thermometer
    Digital Thermometer

    $2.00 - $2.37 ea.

  • Digital Food Thermometer
    Digital Food Thermometer

    $7.00 - $17.38 ea.

  • Tortola Desk Clock Weather Station
    Tortola Desk Clock Weather Station

    $67.49 - $107.98 ea.

  • Digital BBQ Thermometer Fork
    Digital BBQ Thermometer Fork

    $9.74 - $23.33 ea.

  • Clock Radio Thermometer
    Clock Radio Thermometer

    $7.40 - $18.32 ea.

  • LCD Thermometer
    LCD Thermometer

    $2.06 - $3.30 ea.

  • Digital LCD Thermometer
    Digital LCD Thermometer

    $2.02 - $5.09 ea.

  • We've Got Hot Prices on Custom Thermometers for Wellness Promotions

    When your promotional efforts start heating up, that's usually a good thing. When your body temperature starts rising... that's when there's cause for concern. Whether you're checking on your baby or checking on yourself, an elevated body temperature is usually the best way to confirm that a trip to the doctor's office is in order. Having a promotional thermometer on hand is a great way to make sure you're doing what you need to for your body and your health. And that's why custom thermometers from Quality Logo Products™ makes such a handy promotional product.

    Promotional thermometers personalized with your logo are like bandages and pain relievers. Not only are they essential items in any home first aid kit or medicine cabinet, they're also items you can customize with your own design, message, or logo. But adding your logo isn't the only way that you can find variety in our custom thermometers. Quality Logo Products™ has plenty of different kinds of promotional thermometers available, from digital LCD display thermometers that can be inserted in the ear or under the tongue, to forehead thermometers that make taking a child's basal body temperature easy.

    When it comes to your health, our custom printed thermometers are sure to be a handy item to have around. A promotional thermometer makes taking body temperature easy, but also makes promoting your brand easy. From flu season to back to school germs, your customers with children are sure to appreciate having custom thermometers on hand. Hospitals and doctors' offices who are looking to keep their customers in good health benefit from hanging out promotional thermometers to every patient. And let's not forget about wellness centers which can offer promotional thermometers personalized with a message about good health.

    Hospitals and physicians' offices are, of course, some of the best examples of businesses that could have a successful promotional thermometer giveaway. Giving one to each patient at the end of the visit, along with their prescriptions, is an excellent way to show you care. Custom printed thermometers also make good promotional products for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies (regulations permitting, of course).

    Even if you're not in the healthcare industry and want to show your customers you care about their health, you can still offer custom thermometers. Promotional thermometers are a great health fair giveaway, trade show product, or advertising item for your next convention or conference. Local government offices and community nonprofit organizations might also have an interest in helping people in the neighborhood stay healthy with custom thermometers. Promoting your medical facility can be difficult, but not when you have custom thermometers.

    Heat up your next promotional product order and try something unconventional, yet practical like custom thermometers from Quality Logo Products™!