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Custom Jars and Tins

These Custom jars and branded tins make a great gift for just about anyone. Get a quote today and get FREE customization on products at industry-best prices....

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  • Bounty Tin (1 Gallon, Empty)
    Bounty Tin (1 Gallon, Empty)

    $7.59 - $12.64 ea.

    Order as few as 24

  • McKinley Mint Tin (Empty)
    McKinley Mint Tin (Empty)

    $1.37 - $2.28 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • Pop Top Mint Tin (Empty)
    Pop Top Mint Tin (Empty)

    $0.94 - $1.56 ea.

    Order as few as 150

  • Alpine Mint Tin (Empty)
    Alpine Mint Tin (Empty)

    $1.05 - $1.75 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • Cookie Jar
    Cookie Jar

    $22.39 - $37.32 ea.

    Order as few as 144

  • Country Canister Jar (16 Oz.)
    Country Canister Jar (16 Oz.)

    $2.56 - $3.34 ea.

    Order as few as 72

  • Slalom Tin (Empty)
    Slalom Tin (Empty)

    $1.35 - $2.24 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • Country Canister Jar (26 Oz.)

    #1 Best Seller

    Country Canister Jar (26 Oz.)

    $3.15 - $5.04 ea.

    Order as few as 72

  • Apothecary Jar (16 Oz.)
    Apothecary Jar (16 Oz.)

    $2.84 - $4.55 ea.

    Order as few as 72

  • Everest Mint Tin (Empty)
    Everest Mint Tin (Empty)

    $1.43 - $2.38 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • Pond Flat Top Tin (Empty)
    Pond Flat Top Tin (Empty)

    $1.03 - $1.71 ea.

    Order as few as 250

  • The Sky's the Limit with Custom Jars and Tins; Fill 'Em Up with Tasty Treats

    Having a membership to one of those food warehouse stores is great! You can finally find a place that has ninety-seven-ounce jars of mayonnaise and five-pound bags of your favorite coffee, and at a great discounted price to boot. Why else are these memberships so great? Well, order up some empty Custom jars and tins from Quality Logo Products® with your company's name imprinted on them and fill them with your favorite candy from your favorite food warehouse store to keep things fun around the office!

    QLP has tons of filler options for you to choose from, but perhaps your office is divided on jelly beans versus cashews, or everyone but the boss loves chocolate-covered almonds. Order up the personalized jars that best fits your budget, imprint your company's name or logo on them, and then fill up Custom jars around the office with chocolate-covered almonds that you bought from your food warehouse store, except for one branded jar that you fill with the boss' favorite snack: black licorice wheels.

    Do you have a to-do list item about creating and filling up holiday gift baskets for your top customers or employees? QLP can help with that task! Personalize the gift baskets to match your recipient's likes and interests and you'll really wow them with your attention to detail. If your recipient loves fishing on the weekends and on their vacations, fill up a promotional glass jar or custom tin with fish shaped jelly candies and include other fishing themed items. Perhaps your recipient enjoys baking. Fill up a glass jar with a dry mix of your favorite chocolate chip cookies that they can whip up at home and think of your company while doing so. Don't let the idea of an empty glass jar or tin frighten you--the sky's the limit with possibilities to fill them!

    For a more unconventional take, fill up these custom jars and tins with other non-food related items. Your spa can fill up a glass jar with homemade sugar scrub to give to clients on their first visit with you. Your salon can fill up an imprinted jar with little hair accessories (bobby pins, fun hair clips, combs, elastic hair accessories), and give them to your clients who refer your services to their family and friends! Sweet and salty snacks are always enjoyed, but that doesn't have to be the only thing you fill up promotional jars and branded tins with! Make your branding sweeter when you call and order from Quality Logo Products® today!