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Custom Beanies Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
personalized beanies!

Person on hat at mountain

How Do You Customize Beanies?

You can customize beanie hats online! Embroidered beanies are great gifts for the holidays, while screen printed knit hats are excellent swag for ski resorts and outdoor brands.

Person in grey hat

How Do You Wear a Beanie?

The best time to wear a beanie is in the winter. To stay warm, pull the hat over your ears and secure it in place with bobby pins if it slips. Do you have long or curly hair? Braid it so the hat stays firmly on your head.

Person in orange hat

Should I Wear a Hat in the Winter?

Avoid frostbite by wearing a warm hat in the winter. Beanies are only one of the many different types of hats you can wear. Deerstalkers, aviators, berets, and of course, Santa hats are also great styles for cold weather!

Rap star in hat

Who is Famous for Wearing Hats?

There are many characters in movies, TV shows, and books that famously wear winter hats or beanies. Some of the most notable include: Where's Waldo, Meg from "Family Guy," and Whitney Houston's character in The Preacher's Wife.

Putting detergant in washing machine

How Do I Wash a Knit Beanie?

You can wash most beanies in the washing machine! Check the care tag first to make sure it's safe and then use cool water, a mild detergent, and a gentle cycle. Air dry so the hat doesn't lose its shape.

Over 70,000 personalized knit beanies sold last year.

Black, gray, and green are the most popular colors for custom beanies.

29% of personalized beanie hats include a pom pom on top.

Winter is coming! November and January are the most popular times to order custom beanies.

78% of the products in this category are embroidered beanies, while the rest are decorated with ink or deboss.