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Nonprofit Promotional Items Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional items for nonprofits!

Promo items

What Are the Best Nonprofit Promotional Items?

The best promotional products for nonprofits are under $1 each. Your organization can find many stylish products that still work with your budget. Tote bags, drinkware, and cute heart stress balls are just a few of the favorites.

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Do Nonprofit Organizations Advertise?

Nonprofits don't have the same budget as Fortune 500 companies, yet they still need to advertise and promote their cause. Social media ads are the most popular, followed by in-person fundraisers.

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What Are All the Colors for Awareness Ribbons?

Charities and nonprofits, take note! There are over 60 awareness ribbon colors to represent your cause. Red, green, blue, and purple are used the most often to symbolize a variety of important issues.

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How Are Fundraisers Beneficial?

Fundraising is an essential way to bring money to your nonprofit. 67% of nonprofits around the world currently accept online donations, but offline fundraisers are just as important with 56% of donors regularly attending these events.

July and August are very popular times to order nonprofit promotional items.

Over 8,400,000 awareness ribbon promotional items have sold to date.

The largest order ever placed in this category was for 970,000 custom pencils.