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Custom Paper Clips and DispensersPaper Clips & Dispensers

Check out our huge selection of customizable paper clips, holders & dispensers. Get a quote today and get FREE customization & FREE setup on many items....

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  • Giant Paper Clips
    Giant Paper Clips

    $0.413 - $1.02 ea.

  • Dog Bone Shaped Paper Clips and Case
    Dog Bone Shaped Paper Clips and Case

    $1.29 - $3.17 ea.

  • Big Message Paper Clip
    Big Message Paper Clip

    $0.30 - $0.48 ea.

  • Paper Clip Dispenser
    Paper Clip Dispenser

    $0.65 - $1.08 ea.

  • House Clip Dispenser

    #1 Best Seller

    House Clip Dispenser

    $0.882 - $1.84 ea.

  • Bath Tub
    Bath Tub

    $5.99 - $14.36 ea.

  • @ Paper Clip
    @ Paper Clip

    $0.30 - $0.49 ea.

  • Rockin' Ray Paper Clip Holder
    Rockin' Ray Paper Clip Holder

    $2.22 - $4.30 ea.

  • House Paper Clip Dispenser
    House Paper Clip Dispenser

    $1.305 - $3.23 ea.

  • People Clips
    People Clips

    $2.50 - $4.00 ea.

  • Magnetic Safety Cone Paper Clip Holder
    Magnetic Safety Cone Paper Clip Holder

    $1.49 - $4.33 ea.

  • Round Paper Clip Dispenser
    Round Paper Clip Dispenser

    $1.185 - $2.72 ea.

  • Heart Shaped Paper Clips and Case
    Heart Shaped Paper Clips and Case

    $1.29 - $3.17 ea.

  • Number One Shaped Paper Clips and Case
    Number One Shaped Paper Clips and Case

    $1.29 - $3.17 ea.

  • Having Trouble Putting Your Next Promotion Together? Try Custom Paper Clips!

    Think about the most important supplies you need for the office. We've got a good idea of what you've got on your list; other promotional items, like pens and notepads, are sure to be on there. Did you include paper clips? If not, why not? Can you really imagine any desktop without a paper clip dispenser on it?

    You might not think that paper clips would make good customizable items. After all, they're so tiny and skinny. Where would you put a logo? Fear not; Quality Logo Products® has paper clips in shapes and sizes that are perfect for an imprint, including large ones. Many of our custom paper clips have tabs on the ends of them that would look wonderful with your custom design. To help drive your brand's message home even better, we also have paper clips in fun shapes, including hearts, houses, and stars, as well as binder clips and clips in colored plastic.

    But what if you want to stick with traditionally shaped paper clips? Don't worry; you're not without your options for a custom product. This is where paper clip dispensers come in handy. They're essential for organization (which is pretty important when you're talking about items as small as paper clips), and, even better, they offer plenty of imprint space for your logo. Plus, just like the paper clips themselves, many branded paper clip dispensers come in fun shapes, including dog bones and coffee cups, as well as in traditional shapes, like cylinders or round magnetic bases.

    As we said, paper clips are go-to items in an office, which means that they're go-to promo products for any office-based businesses that deal with tons of paperwork. We think that financial institutions would get a great reception from handing out a promotional paper clip holder whenever they meet with new clients. All of those forms from a new bank account or a meeting with an accountant certainly aren't papers that should be scattered around. Law firms and staffing firms might enjoy them as a giveaway as well. But who said it should be all about the workplace? Students would also probably appreciate some paper clips, and for people at home clipping together bills and other household paperwork, there's no item more helpful.

    So, are you ready to get your next promotional plan together - and then keep it together with custom paper clips and a promotional paper clip dispenser? We have a wide selection available, so get ready to get your office stocked with personalized supplies from QLP!