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Personalized ClipboardsClipboards

Our personalized clipboards can be printed with cheat sheets, graphs, graphics, or just about any custom message; some even have calculators built in!...

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  • Letter Clipboard with 4" Clip

    #1 Best Seller

    Letter Clipboard with 4" Clip

    $2.36 - $4.95 ea.

  • Clipboard Folder
    Clipboard Folder

    $3.91 - $10.61 ea.

  • Memo Clipboard
    Memo Clipboard

    $1.76 - $5.20 ea.

  • Clipboards

    $3.25 - $5.58 ea.

  • Letter Clipboard with Jumbo Clip
    Letter Clipboard with Jumbo Clip

    $2.32 - $5.27 ea.

  • Maxx Clipboard
    Maxx Clipboard

    $2.99 - $7.39 ea.

  • Contour Letter Clipboard
    Contour Letter Clipboard

    $2.54 - $5.30 ea.

  • Sports Clipboard with Jumbo Clip
    Sports Clipboard with Jumbo Clip

    $4.14 - $11.20 ea.

  • Low Profile Clipboards
    Low Profile Clipboards

    $2.95 - $4.72 ea.

  • Round Top Letter Clipboard
    Round Top Letter Clipboard

    $2.95 - $8.14 ea.

  • Microfiber Clip Board with PVC Trim
    Microfiber Clip Board with PVC Trim

    $5.44 - $8.70 ea.

  • 9" x 12" Keep-it Clipboard
    9" x 12" Keep-it Clipboard

    $2.48 - $4.52 ea.

  • Message Clipboard
    Message Clipboard

    $2.30 - $3.68 ea.

  • Clipboard Calculator
    Clipboard Calculator

    $2.36 - $7.18 ea.

  • Legal Clipboard
    Legal Clipboard

    $2.92 - $8.17 ea.

  • Oval Clip Clipboard
    Oval Clip Clipboard

    $2.95 - $8.14 ea.

  • Covington Clipboard
    Covington Clipboard

    $4.07 - $21.23 ea.

  • Contour Clipboard With Pen
    Contour Clipboard With Pen

    $3.29 - $8.74 ea.

  • Windsor Reflections Clipboard
    Windsor Reflections Clipboard

    $5.28 - $9.43 ea.

  • Transparent Clipboard with Oval Clip
    Transparent Clipboard with Oval Clip

    $3.66 - $5.85 ea.

  • Legal Size Contour Clipboard
    Legal Size Contour Clipboard

    $2.99 - $8.24 ea.

  • Letter Clipboard With Pen
    Letter Clipboard With Pen

    $3.10 - $8.23 ea.

  • Letter Clipboard with Round Top Clip
    Letter Clipboard with Round Top Clip

    $3.66 - $5.85 ea.

  • Legal Size Clipboards
    Legal Size Clipboards

    $5.00 - $12.75 ea.

  • Digital Contour Clipboard
    Digital Contour Clipboard

    $3.29 - $8.74 ea.

  • Low Profile Clipboard
    Low Profile Clipboard

    $4.28 - $6.84 ea.

  • Letter Size Clipboard
    Letter Size Clipboard

    $2.86 - $6.64 ea.

  • Office Storage Clip Board
    Office Storage Clip Board

    $5.52 - $12.78 ea.

  • Got Paperwork? Personalized Clipboards Are the Perfect Way to Support Your Brand

    Nothing represents authority quite the way a clipboard does. Whenever there's a clipboard in hand, chances are that there's an evaluation of some kind going on, which means that everyone present is probably focused and at attention. Sounds like a good time to promote your organization, doesn't it?

    There's no reason for a situation like that to be as stressful as it might sound, of course. Quality Logo Products® is here to put your mind at ease with a wide selection of customizable clipboards that are great for a number of purposes. We'll have you running through your marketing plan checklist in no time!

    Clipboards are useful in several fields and industries. Which ones, you might ask? Let's start with the big one: the medical field. Think of all the television shows set in hospitals that you've watched. How many of them have shown doctors, nurses, and interns talking to a patient with a clipboard in hand? Pretty much all of them, and there's a good reason for that--that's how exams have been done! If you work in a medical center, custom clipboards would make great supplies for your staff.

    When was the last time you went to the motor vehicle department or updated your passport? Probably not long ago enough, am I right? But seriously, if you've gone to a government office to fill out paperwork, chances are that you filled out those forms on a sturdy promotional clipboard. Same if you've ever opened a bank account or applied for a loan or a mortgage--personalized clipboards are essential for keeping all of that paperwork in place!

    But clipboards don't just have to be used in such official situations, either. Have you ever gone on a birdwatching hike or other nature walk? If so, you might have been given a checklist full of all the plants and animals you could expect to see. Handy guides, no doubt, but with a clipboard attached, they're even easier to use, since they'll be easier to write on!

    Exam proctors, legal secretaries, social workers--all of these people will find custom clipboards useful for their regular duties. So when you support them, make it official, and hand them an official imprinted clipboard from QLP. We think it's a promotion that will hit all the marks!