How are Stress Balls Made?

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa Mertes

Promo Expert

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Quality Logo Products employee who doesn’t have some kind of stress ball on their desk. It’s not because we’re constantly stressed out (maybe on some days), we just have a ton of them around the office. Plus, our mascot Bubba is a stress ball, and he’s pretty hard to avoid.

We’d be surprised if you’ve never seen or used a stress ball before. Sometimes they are called stress relievers because they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They’re usually squishy, some more so than others, but their intended purpose is pretty straightforward.

Standard Stress Balls

Professionally crafted stress balls are often made from a special type of foam rubber known as closed-cell polyurethane. A mold is created in the shape of the stress ball and injected with a special liquid, which results in a chemical reaction that forms carbon dioxide bubbles. Those bubbles create the foam that makes the stress ball nice and squishy.

The squishiness of the ball depends on a couple different factors. The denser a stress ball, the firmer the product. To measure density, we use something called a durometer. Essentially a durometer is a hardness scale—the harder an object, the higher its durometer. Polyurethane has a pretty wide range on the hardness scale, which means stress balls can be super squishy or pretty firm. In fact, some polyurethane material can be denser than the tread on a car tire!

When you look at our website and see four different versions of an apple stress ball, they’ll all look a little different. If you were to order them all, you would see that the apples all feel a little different as well. How about them apples?

Custom Stress Balls

Stress relievers can be customized to your exact specifications. Many companies have even designed their own stress balls to look like company mascots or department heads! They can even be made to emit a pleasing scent like lilac or peppermint. Plus, they are available in all shapes and sizes whether it's in the shape of an animal, object, or anything else you can imagine!

Round stress balls are made essentially the same way as stress relievers of other shapes, but with a few pretty important changes. A brand new mold has to be created and different dyes need to be made for each color featured in the stress ball.

Other than that, the process is pretty similar for customized stress relievers with unique shapes. Once the special liquid is injected into the custom mold, the same polyurethane foam rubber is formed, but this time into a custom shape.

After the stress balls are made (whether they’re standard or custom), they are imprinted with a company’s name, logo, slogan, or custom design. Typically stress relievers are handed out as promotional products to customers and potential clients at trade shows or conventions, but some companies may hand them out to their own employees. No matter how you got your hands on a stress ball, these squishy and colorful balls of foam can ease your worries!

Knowing how stress balls are made can come in handy for businesses that want to have a unique but useful stress reliever to hand out as promotional giveaways. Stress balls can be made either by hand or by a manufacturer depending on your desired product. Plus, there are many options to choose from so they're guaranteed to fit any person's taste or personality. Regardless of the shape or size, stress balls are a product that's hard to resist!