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What is Carbon Neutral Shipping and How Will it Affect Your Order?

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We ship a lot of promotional products. It's what we do best! But, sometimes it's important to look at the bigger picture when it comes to our delivery services. This includes more eco-friendly solutions for our promo deliveries.


We are proud to announce that starting in 2019, Quality Logo Products® is now offering Carbon Neutral Shipping on all orders. This is all made possible with a slight increase in shipping costs through UPS. We're happy to support their mission to make the Earth a greener and better place.

How Does Carbon Neutral Shipping Work?

UPS is always evaluating how many miles they drive and how much fuel they use to deliver packages. Carbon neutral shipping is just one way they're reducing the impact carbon dioxide has on the environment. Basically, whenever a package is shipped, the amount of emissions used are calculated. UPS will then contribute towards offset projects that aid in carbon reduction to balance out the damaging effects their shipments have on the environment.


UPS has helped 4 programs since they launched their service.

Each offset project reduces air pollution and counteracts emissions entering the atmosphere. This will make the Earth more sustainable for years to come!


It's important to note that not all orders will be shipped via UPS. We may also ship your order via FedEx. Ultimately, it depends on which courier offers the best costs and transit times.

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What This Means for Your Order

We are proud to support CarbonNeutral® shipments here at Quality Logo Products®. Of course, there's a small price to pay for balancing out fuel emissions. That's why you'll see a slight increase of only five cents on shipping starting January 2019.

Think about it as a full-circle transaction. You'll be happy receiving your awesome promotional products, and the Earth will be glad it's staying healthy for only an extra nickel!

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