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Why Did My Orders Ship Separately?

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You know how Amazon will ship a bunch of items in one box upon your request? It's a much different story in the world of promotional products, but it's not because we just really love boxes. The real reason is because each item is created by a different factory located all over the world. These factories have different turnaround times, costs, and products, and as a result, need to be treated separately.

Two Address

Two Items, Two factories

To see this in action, let's say you're in a pinch and you're rush ordering both the Custom Pencils and Eco-Friendly Non Woven Tote Bags for next week's fundraiser in Chicago.

For the sake of the example, Factory A is making the tote bags, while Factory B is making the pencils. As you can see, Factory A has a slower shipping time and higher price for rush shipping than Factory B. This will be different from factory to factory and is determined by the zip code, individual item price, and quantity of what you're ordering.

Factory A

Factory A - Tote Bags

Zip Code: 60623
150 Tote Bags
est. $10 more for rush shipping
Delivered by: October 23rd

Factory B

Factory B - Pencils

Zip Code: 60613
500 Pencils
est. $5 more for rush shipping
Delivered by: October 22nd

Since the tote bags are a higher-quantity item than the pencils, they have a higher cost and turnaround time at a lower quantity. It's not because Factory B is meaner than Factory A, it's because there's more work to be done in making a tote bag than a pencil.

You should also keep in mind that this rule doesn't exist with only two different items. A water bottle, for example, could have a higher turnaround time than another even though they look relatively the same and have the same qualities. It all depends on the factory!

Factory A

Factory A - Water Bottle

Zip Code: 60613
200 Tote Bags
est. $13 more for rush shipping
Delivered by: October 23rd

Factory B

Factory B - Sports Water Bottle

Zip Code: 60613
200 Pencils
est. $17 more for rush shipping
Delivered by: October 23rd

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Why Are You Ordering So Many?

Now that you understand why your orders are shipped separately, let's talk about why you have so many items coming in at once. You might have just wanted one cool stress ball, but you had to order enough to feel like you could open your own stress ball store or maybe a really cool ball pit for the kids.

The factories are running their machines, using ink, and paying employees whether it's only one item or one thousand. Advertising items are almost always sold in bulk for this reason. Each factory will set its own minimum for those items, and with a few exceptions, that's how many you'll have to order at any given time.

Round stress relievers

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