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How Much is Shipping and Handling?

Our exclusive No Surprise Pricing® tool will provide the cost of shipping and handling as soon as you enter the zip code for delivery. Not only does our exclusive tool provide an instant total for your entire order, including all associated fees, but you’ll also see a guaranteed delivery date.

Rush Shipping

Aren’t happy with the delivery date? No problem! Upon placing an order, you can specify if you’d like your products at an earlier date. We’ll even provide an updated total based on the cost of rush shipping.

Change Your Zip Code

Within the No Surprise Pricing® tool, you can alter the zip code for shipment, which can affect the cost of shipping and handling for your products. The cost for shipping will vary depending on the location specified for your order.

Calculating Shipping Cost

If you’re still wondering what goes into the cost of shipping your products, check out the math in this informative blog post!