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No one likes a bad surprise, like having the end of a movie completely spoiled before it's over. We would never wish those kind of surprises upon you! You'll never experience the "surprise shudders" while purchasing your branded items ever again. You'll know exactly when you'll receive your items, guaranteeing the order is in your hands by the delivery date.

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But what if I need it sooner?

At checkout and on every product page you'll be able to view your delivery date listed under the section "Total Delivered Price." If you simply cannot WAIT to play with your stress ball, or urgently need it in time for an important event, never fear! Just click on our exclusive "Need it Sooner" option on the pricing table. You'll see the exact cost of receiving your products at an earlier date! So if you decide you want your products a bit sooner, our website will calculate multiple delivery and price options. This way, you can select the best possible delivery date and price!

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Be sure to check your email!

But before we confirm your delivery date, you'll need to approve your order and artwork along with providing payment before the deadline! Your deadline will appear on the "product details" page, the order screen, and your order confirmation. Be sure to keep this cut-off time handy! If all items aren't completed by this date and time, your order may be delayed, and we might not be able to guarantee delivery by your original anticipated date. So keep an eye on your email!


We take deadlines very seriously.

We guarantee to produce your goods and ship them in time to meet your deadline. Whether it's choosing a delivery service that travels faster than a NASCAR driver, or hiring geographers to map out the most effective route, we'll make sure your order is on the most optimal path to YOU-ville! So once your order is placed, all you have to do is sit back and anticipate its arrival!


But what if there are delivery delays?

Sometimes there are mishaps along the way. Perhaps a litter of kittens wouldn't clear the path of the delivery truck, or worse, the driver had a picnic on your personalized roll up blanket. Our team guarantees that we'll ship the order in time, but if your delivery isn't made on the designated date because of the shipping provider, Quality Logo Products cannot be held accountable. But we'll definitely work with you to ensure you're completely satisfied with your order!


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