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What is a Ship Date?

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Quality Logo Products guarantees shipping of merchandise on or before your specific deadline*. That means our products will leave our warehouses with plenty of time to get to you. What that guarantee doesn't cover, though, is carrier delays. For instance, if the truck driver carrying your products gets a flat tire, stopped by a tornado, or abducted by aliens.


*DISCLAIMER: The Delivery Guarantee is temporarily suspended due to external logistical and carrier issues on a worldwide level; the projected delivery date cannot always be promised or guaranteed.

Ship Date No More!

Worrying about when your order will ship is a thing of the past. You'll never see a ship date during the ordering process again– just your delivery date, cluing you into exactly when your box of branded goodness will arrive! Simply place your order, and let our website do the rest. We'll account for your ship date alongside the rest of your order details, so you'll be able to skip to more important the exact date your items will arrive at your doorstep!

Delivery date

Shipping Tips. (Try saying that six times fast!)


The Almighty Delivery Date
You will receive a delivery date as soon as you choose a product and enter your zip code. Notify your rep if you have a specific deadline for your event.


We May Ship Later, But Faster
We may send out products after the intended shipping date, but we'll use a faster delivery method so your order will arrive on time! This won't cost you any more since we'll cover that additional freight cost.

We use UPS or FedEx to ship your order, depending on which courier offers the better cost and faster delivery.


Remember - Delivery Date, Not Time of Day
While Quality Logo Products does guarantee that your goods will arrive by a certain day, we can't guarantee an exact time.


The Early Bird Gets the (Promo) Worm
For the fastest delivery, we encourage getting a head start on your order. It's never too early to get a jump on promotional items and gifts, especially if your event is near a holiday, which can slow down shipping and production times.

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