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How Consistent Are the Imprint and Color?

Frequently Asked Questions Artwork & Printing

The imprint areas for each product are approximate and vary depending on the item. Quality Logo Products will size all artwork to utilize each item's maximum imprint area, unless otherwise noted in writing by the customer.

We want every item you order to look as fantastic as possible! A specified imprint area exists to ensure the best quality for your promotional products. By using the entire imprint area, your logo will look crisp and clean, allowing you to make a memorable branding impression!


Item Density

Due to the density of some items, a slight wrinkle may occur when the printing pad hits the item. This may cause a breakup in the imprint.


Imprint Colors

Some imprint colors will print differently, depending on the color of the product. For example: blue on yellow backgrounds may appear with a green tint, white on red backgrounds may display a pink tint, and so forth.


Find Your Color Match

We know you have certain colors in mind for your products. But exact color replication on reorders may vary. This is in accordance with industry standards which allow 1/16" for color misregistration. But don't worry! The other option is PMS matching, which may be available depending on the item. We'll do our best to make an exact match, but please note PMS matching cannot be guaranteed. Either way, we'll advise you on the best ink color for your product when you place an order!

Color swatches

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