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How can I print my logo on a small item?

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You're in need of some great promotional materials for your upcoming trade show. Preparing for the event, you go through the list of popular options in your head. Personalized pens, custom lanyards, promo sunglasses. What do all of these promotional items have in common? The imprint area is not as large as a custom t-shirt or tote bag.

We know you want to make a big impact with your logo. After all, what's the point in ordering promotional products if you need a magnifying glass to see the imprint? Luckily, we have everything you need to know about dealing with small imprints.

Small items

We're Here to Help!

See it With Your Logo
Every order will receive a free digital proof showing your logo/message on your product. If you don't want to wait to see your logo, you can also request a free virtual proof before you order. Visit the product details page of some of our most popular products and you'll see the option to "See It With Your Logo." This mock-up is completely free and will be sent directly to your email within 24 hours.

See it with your logo

You can also download a template directly from our website to mock-up your logo on select products.

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Understand your imprint

What is the Imprint Area?
The imprint area is where the advertising message or logo will be printed on your item of choice. For example, if you're looking for personalized pens, your imprint area will most likely be on the barrel. This means your logo will be on full display right in the center, such as on the popular Element Pen pictured here.

Element pens

What Size is the Imprint Area?
The size of your logo will vary depending on the item you choose. These sizes are set by the factory and are unable to be changed, but for good reason! If you make your logo any bigger than the specified size, it will appear blurry, cut off, and downright ridiculous on your product!

You can find your maximum logo size right underneath the product image when placing your order. The maximum logo size for the Element Pen is 1.75" W by 0.5" H. This means the amount of image and text you can include is limited by the dimensions.

Max logo size

What is the Minimum Font Size?
The minimum font size is the smallest possible font you can use for your product. Most products have a required font size to ensure your logo is clear, readable, and visually pleasing. On average, the font size is at about 6pt, however, it varies based on the product's material and printing process. Keep in mind, your customer service rep will know the best font size to use for your order. They'll take care of your logo and make sure it looks the best it can on your product.

Font Point Size

How to work with small imprints

Save Us the Details
We know you have a vision for promoting your party planning company. It involves all the bells and whistles, because let's face it, you're a fun business and want that to come across to your customers!

If you're ordering an item with a small imprint, the age-old saying holds true: "Keep it Simple Silly." It's better to avoid small, detailed designs, especially with screen or pad printed items. You run the risk of your design bleeding together and appearing blurry when printed. Furthermore, some of your finer details may be filled in by the ink or lost altogether when printed.

Imprint logo

Stick with Only Text
For extremely small items or tiny imprint areas, it's a good idea to try to go with only text vs. a custom design. It might be difficult to fit a logo and information within the small area, so choose only the most important part of your message. Whether it's your company's name and phone number or the date of your event, you can make the most impact with the smallest amount of information.

Pen imprint

Your Logo is Our Priority

Every order will receive personalized attention from our dedicated customer service team. This includes your custom design which will be reviewed by our design team to ensure we're meeting factory size requirements. You don't have to lift a finger other than to send us your artwork or advertising message. We'll take care of the rest!

Here to help

We've Got You Covered

Above all else, we're here to make sure you always receive a quality product, every time. Your customer service rep will never let you walk away with anything less than amazing. If you have any questions about your imprint, don't hesitate to reach out!


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