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What is the Difference Between Imprint Dimensions and Actual Print Size?

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We know there are many promo terms to understand, but don't worry we're here to break everything down! Before we get into all the fine details about dimensions and actual print size, it's important to understand the imprint area, which is the designated area for your logo on your products.This space is predetermined by the manufacturer and isn't adjustable on your products. Think of it like a puzzle where your logo is the missing piece. Your logo will fit in the space depending on the imprint dimensions of your product.

Imprint Dimensions

What are Imprint Dimensions?

But what exactly are imprint dimensions? The dimensions are also known as your maximum logo size – it's the available space that we have to print on your item. These dimensions are set by the manufacturer based on the machines and print method used to make each item. It's important to note the dimensions for a custom tote bag will be different than those for a custom t-shirt. Every product's dimensions are different, which means your logo will be adjusted depending on the shape and size of the imprint.


What is Actual Print Size?

The actual print size is the amount of space your logo takes within the imprint area. If you measure your logo from its furthest points, it gives you the actual print size. This is the actual size of your logo once it's printed on the final product. We can't change this size once it's set because that's what keeps your logo looking crisp and clear! If we tried to make it any bigger it would look cut off or blurry on your products.

Imprint Dimensions Print Size

The Difference in numbers

Even though the imprint dimensions and actual size are different, the variation between the two sizes is extremely small. For example, take a look at the art proof below. The imprint area's dimensions are listed as 1.5"W x 1" H, while the actual print size of the logo is 1.1" W x .99" H.

Imprint Dimensions Print Size

This means the logo will take up most of the space in the specified imprint dimensions. In other words, your logo will be as big and clear as possible depending on the limits of the imprint area.

We Make Sure It Looks Good

Maybe you're still not feeling like an imprint pro and that's okay! Our customer service team is always available to ensure your products look incredible. They will go to the moon and back to make sure your logo looks the best it possibly can on your products. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions along the way!

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