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Can I Save Money by Just Printing Text?

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The short answer: not usually. Here's why! Out setup fees depend on the number of colors your custom design contains, not on whether it contains an image. You can imprint the most elaborate of logos on your products without much of a cost difference. But once multiple colors are added to the mix, pricing begins to change.

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What's the Difference?

Let's say you want to choose between printing an image or just text on your branded products. Either way, there's no cost difference between the two options!


Printing Multiple Colors

The only reason it would cost more to print an image instead of just printing text is if your image contains multiple colors. For example, if we printed the Quality Logo Products logo in its full blue and orange glory, we'd pay extra for having two colors (unless full color printing was included in the item price). On the other hand, if we printed our logo in only blue, we would pay the exact same price as just printing blue text that reads: "Quality Logo Products."

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The Story on Embroidery

Please note: it's a little different when it comes to embroidered items. The setup fees depend on how many stitches your design requires. In this case, having a picture embroidered might cost the same as stitching a lot of text. It all depends on the amount of detail and how many stitches it takes to complete the image or text.

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