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What is a Digital Proof?

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Some people might have an art degree, while others are barely capable of drawing a stick figure. And that's okay! You don't have to be proficient at Photoshop or Illustrator to get your hands on some incredible promotional products. We're the caretakers of your logo, and we'll make sure you get the promos of your dreams by sending a free virtual proof. The best part is you can request a proof without even placing an order!

Art approval

But what exactly is a free digital proof? The simple answer is it's a mockup of your logo on your product of choice. Maybe you're really wondering how your rainbow logo will look on a Round stress ball. Perhaps you'd like to see your square image on a personalized pen. No matter what your design or product, our customer service team will always send you a free virtual proof either before or during your order.

See It with Your Logo

You can request a quick mockup of a product before you even place an order. Visit select items like our Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle and you'll see the option to "See It With Your Logo" directly on the product details page. Don't worry about sending the right file format with a picture-perfect image. Our talented design team will take care of the details for you and send your free digital proof directly to your email!

See it with your logo

Review Your Proof

Every order will receive a free digital proof featuring your logo on your product of choice. You'll have to approve your free digital proof with your signature and send it back to us before that lovely design is applied to your items. There's no pressure to sign your approval until you're 100% satisfied with the appearance of your product. When checking your proof, be sure to look for the quality of the following:

Proof Chart
Proof Chart

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