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How Long Is My Artwork Kept on File?

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We are crossing our fingers and hoping you'll consider us for future orders. In an effort to make all reorders simple, we keep your artwork files stored on our servers until you send us a written request to remove them. Not only will this ensure a faster ordering process, but also keeps your artwork looking its best for all future orders!


We Respect Your Property

We'll never share your artwork with outside vendors, affiliates, or other customers. We respect your privacy, and make it our priority to keep your files safe and secure.

If you ever need digital copies of your artwork, we keep our files sorted by date, job, and item ordered. We're happy to send you those copies upon written request! Screens, film, embossing plates, and other tools used to physically customize your items are kept on file for a maximum of two years after your most recent order or reorder. Please note: we can recreate these items with your artwork on file!


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