Can I Order Blank Products?

If you’re hoping to enjoy one of our products without the imprint added, you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you just need blank products to use as supplies, or want to give them a try before requesting imprints. No problem! Most of our products are available without an imprint.

The pricing for printed merchandise and blank merchandise will vary depending on the item. Check out the "Everything You Need to Know" section on every product page, and you'll see a price for "Blank Printing" listed under Specifications!

Ordering Blank Products

You can order blank products through our online order form, just like any other order. Simply check the box reading “I’d prefer a blank product” and enter the quantity you’d like to order.

QLP File Uploader

Based on the specific vendor, some items will allow you to order as little as one item at a time.

QLP order summary

While others will still require a minimum quantity, even without an imprint added.

Blank quantity restriction alert

You can also adjust your logo setup by selecting the link next to “Pick Logo Colors” on our pricing table.

Pricing table

Once you’ve selected “Logo Setup,” a drop down screen will appear, asking you to select your imprint colors. Since you want to order a blank product, simply check the box next to “I would like a blank product,”

Blank logo selection

You can also change the amount of items you’d like to buy or check the “blank product” box by selecting the word “change” at the top of the page.

Quantity selection

The benefits of blank products are:

There are no setup charges for blank orders.

Most blank orders ship within 24 hours.

Another big difference is that you can order a single blank item. There are some imprinted items you can order one at a time like awards, trophies, and high-end merchandise, but most of our imprinted items require a minimum quantity order.