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Can I Order Blank Products?

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The quick and easy answer is for the most part, you cannot order blank products from our website. If you absolutely must have something without a custom design on the front, you will have to give us a call to inquire about pricing. We'll do what we can to get you what you need.

Blank Products

The pricing for printed merchandise and blank merchandise will vary from item to item. Your customer service rep is a pro at this kind of thing and will be able to tell you exactly what to expect over the phone.

Why Can't I Order Blank Products?

We are in the business of customization and work with vendors around the country. They've got all the machines and technology to print your custom design on cool stuff, from stress balls and water bottles to t-shirts and tote bags.


That's our specialty and we're sticking to it! The good news is you're likely ordering from us because you want customized goods for something specific anyway. Maybe you have a trade show around the corner and want to promote your business. Perhaps you've got a wedding around the corner and want KOOZIE® with your initials and the date. You get the idea.


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