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What is the Sample Policy?

Frequently Asked Questions Ordering & Payment

Quality Logo Products provides each customer with one free sample up to $7.00 with free UPS ground shipping to qualified customers/addresses.

We also provide additional samples for an additional cost ‐ as many as you want (though, really, more than three, and you're probably going to have a tough time making a decision).


When you've got a limited advertising budget, you have to make sure you spend your money wisely. And let's face it: if you're ever going to afford that tropical vacation to Hawaii or a brand new car, you'll have to spend your money wisely in other places. Requesting a sample is a great way to make sure you're getting exactly what you want with your hard-earned money (and we love showing off our fantastic promotional products anyway). So to help you shop with confidence, here's our policy on product samples:

Where do we ship samples to?

We provide samples only to customers located in the continental U.S. who can receive UPS Ground shipments. Trust us, we wish we could deliver samples to far-off tropical locations, preferably in person. For those who can receive samples, we promise to have them there as soon as possible!

Usa ship samples

How can I request a sample?

Give our friendly customer service team a call if you would like to request a sample of your product. They will communicate with you directly about the availability of the product, the best colors to choose, and when you can expect your sample to arrive in the mail.

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How many samples can I order?

Qualified customers/addresses can get one free promotional product sample with UPS Ground shipping covered. The product has to amount to $7.00 or less per item. How will you know if your item of choice qualifies? Just check the total price and anything $7.00 or less qualifies for a free sample!


Can I request additional samples?

We're more than happy to provide your first sample, free of charge! You can also request additional samples, but there will be a charge for every extra sample you order beyond your initial sample.

Additional samples

What are the other perks of ordering samples?

But good news! If you place an order for one of the products you sample, the amount you paid for that particular sample will be credited to your account. We'll totally understand if you decide to do a little happy dance when your account gets credited. We even encourage it.

Ordering samples

Want it faster? Got a business shipping account?

If you have a business shipping account, and you want your items even sooner, you're welcome to send us your account number when you place your request. This is especially helpful if you're ordering multiple samples, because different products often come from different locations.

Business shipping account

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