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How Do I Place an Order?

Frequently Asked Questions Ordering & Payment

It's time for you to place an order! Our goal is for your experience working with us to be super easy and fun!

You have one of three options for getting that order started:

  1. Order on the phone
           1-866-312-5646 to speak to a QLP representative
  2. Order over email
  3. Order through our online form

If you choose option #3, read on! We'll break down each step of the online order form for you, so you can know exactly what to expect.

How to Use Our Online Order Form

Okay, so you've just spent a few minutes browsing our website, and you found an awesome item that you want to start customizing. For the sake of this example, let's say it's a drawstring bag.

Customize your order button graphic

STEP 1: Choose the Item Color & Specify the Quantity

Select a color using the little thumbnail images on the right. It looks like this time around we're going with a nice Carolina Blue.

After the color is selected, and you type in the quantity in the little bar next to the arrow, you can click "Add to Cart" and get going with the rest of your order.

Your shipping & contact info cart graphic

STEP 2: Verify the Item Color and Quantity

You will first be taken to this screen. Make sure the color and the quantity look good. If you don't like what you see, you can make adjustments.

Pick item color cart graphic

STEP 3: Add More Item Colors (Optional)

On this very same screen, you can add even more colors if you so choose. In this example, we're ordering not just 100 blue bags, but also adding 100 black bags and 100 white bags.

Pick item color cart graphic

Pro Tip: Want to hear something cool? That price at the bottom will adjust to reflect what you're ordering! You'll always know exactly how much you're paying every step of the way.

Add your logo/text cart graphic

STEP 4: Upload Your Logo/Image

Now it's time to add an image. You can upload a saved file by clicking on "Choose Your File." For example, you have a sports team logo that you want to print on those bags. That logo should be saved to your computer, you'll then upload it directly, and just like that, it will be printed on the bags!

If you want an image, but don't already have one saved, you can also visit our Free Clipart Library There are thousands of images for you to choose from, or you can send in a request and our art team will make it for you, free of charge!

Finally, you can select "I want text only" if you don't want an image in your final design. Use our Free Font Preview Tool to help you select the right font for your text.

Your shipping and contact info cart graphic.

STEP 5: Choose the Logo/Image Color

You've already decided on getting blue, black, and white drawstring bags. Now it's time to choose the color for the design printed on the front.

Each item has a certain number of ink colors that are included for free. You'll know when you've gone past the limit because you'll start seeing the price go higher for each additional ink color that's used.

Pick item color cart graphic

STEP 6: Fill In Your Info

Your item's all customized, and you're ready for the next step. Fill in your contact information here. If you want, you can check that "Send Me Exclusive eDeals!" box at the bottom to sign up for our email club.

At this point, you can also select your delivery date. There are options for rush shipping if you need your items asap! It looks like Willy Williamson is getting his drawstring bags on Wednesday, April 8th.

Your shipping and contact info cart graphic.

STEP 7: Review

Review your information one more time before clicking "Send My Free Proof" at the bottom. You can also use this time to enter a Promo Code so you can save a little money on your order.

The free proof will be sent to you over email, and you don't have to pay a penny until you like what you see. A customer service rep will reach out to you directly with this proof, so let them know if you have any changes.

After that proof is approved, the fun will officially begin! Your order request is sent over to the vendor, who will start the customizing and ship your products over to you directly. Boom! You've just placed an online order

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We're Here for You!

Remember, we're always one call or email away if you have any questions. You can reach us during regular business hours, and we'll help you out. Let's make this order nothing but smooth sailing!

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