How Do I Place an Order?

Our online order form makes customizing your next order of promotional giveaways simple. You can easily navigate every step of the process, right on screen! Not to mention, we also have the best customer service team in the industry! If you need any help or just want to speak in person, our team is always available to guide you through the process.

Ready to get started? We’ll break down the order form step-by-step so you can have a worry-free ordering experience:

No Surprise Pricing®

You can also search for items according to your budget, the date of your event, the item color you want, and so much more! After locating the product of your dreams on our website, you can begin customizing your order. Once you’ve selected an item, you can adjust your quantity with our innovative slider and view your total delivered price on our No Surprise Pricing® tool. Each part of the ordering total will be broken down right on screen, down to the last penny. Plus, when you adjust the slider on screen, or manually enter a product quantity, the price displayed will automatically change.

No Surprise Pricing

Using our online order form

Once you’ve found the right option for your brand, you’re ready to get started on placing an order! All products on our website require the same five steps which include:

Your shipping & contact info cart graphic
Step 2

Next, enter your shipping and contact information. Once you’ve completed this step, this section will change from blue to green, indicating you’ve entered all necessary information.

Pick item color cart graphic
Step 3

Once you’ve entered your shipping/contact information, you can select your item color. Some products allow you to choose an assortment of colors, while others include only one. It all depends on the item!

Add your logo/text cart graphic
Step 4

Now it’s time to add your custom artwork! Simply upload your file by selecting "Choose File" on screen and your design will be ready to go.

You can select "I don’t have a logo," and we will print your text in the color of your choice on your products. You can also choose a specific color for your logo using our PMS Color Matcher.

Don’t have a logo? We offer a multitude of free services in our Small Business Suite for customizing your own design, including our Free Clipart Library and Free Font Preview Tool.

Your shipping and contact info cart graphic.
Step 5

If you complete the first four steps, and they turned from blue to green, a fifth step will appear on the online order form for submitting payment. Don’t want to submit payment quite yet? No worries! We will send a free virtual proof with every order, and you won’t be charged until it’s approved.

Depending on the product, there may be additional steps to complete on the online order form. For example, if you want to order pens you may be required to specify ink color and the pen tip and clip color. Or if you want to order t-shirts, you will need to specify the size breakdown within the order form.

Stuck? We’re Here for You!

Our fantastic customer service team is available every step of the way. Leave any section on your order form blank, and they’ll help fill in the gaps. You can reach them anytime by phone, email, or through our live chat feature during normal business hours:

  • Monday - Friday:
  • 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)

Relax, We’ve Got You Covered!

Production begins as soon as we receive your art proof approval, your order approval (or everything is green on your online order form), and your payment. From our exclusive No Surprise Pricing® tool to our easy-to-use online order form, we’ve got everything you need for an enjoyable ordering.