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What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept the most common and convenient forms of payment including:

Credit Cards

Money Orders

Personal and Company Checks

School or Government Purchase Orders

Please note: We do not accept cash, nor recommend you send a large amount of cash in the mail!

Credit Card Payment

There are three ways to submit your credit card payment:

Pay Online with Your Credit Card
When you use our online order form, you can submit payment directly after completing all of the necessary steps. You’ll know everything is good to go when it appears in “green” within the online order form.

Pay Online with Secure Link
Look for the order authorization email that you received from your customer service representative. Click the link under "Step 2: Pay Online With Your Credit Card." This link will take you to our super-secure e-payment page. Our e-payment system is supported by, a trusted name in online shopping, so enter your info with confidence!

Pay Over the Phone
If you are working directly with one of our account reps they can also securely process your payment over the phone!

Check, Money Order, or Purchase Order

Personal checks, company checks, money orders, and certified school and government purchase orders are all acceptable. Please note, however, these payment methods may delay the processing and shipping of your order until the check or money order has been received and the funds have cleared.

When paying by check, be sure to provide us with the following information:

The product(s) you ordered and the quantity

Your billing and shipping addresses

A valid email address (for order and shipping confirmations or out of stock notifications)

Any other special instructions we should know about

Send Your Payment Here!

Your check should include all applicable shipping costs as listed on your order approval form, along with any applicable sales tax. If you have questions about the total amount due, please contact your sales representative by phone at (866) 312-5646 or by email.

Please send all payments, in U.S. currency, to Quality Logo Products and send here:

Quality Logo Products, Inc.
724 N. Highland Ave.
Aurora, IL 60506