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Can I Order Different Quantities?

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The short answer: yes, with some restrictions.

Here's the long answer:

Most of our items have a minimum order quantity. This is the lowest number that you can possibly order. As long as the number you want to order is above the minimum quantity, you can order as many products as you want to your heart's content!


You have two different ways to select your quantity on our order form:

#1: Select the right quantity range.

#2: Enter your quantity in the text box.

If option #2 works better for you, the correct quantity range will be automatically selected for you. Pretty cool, right?

No matter what, you'll clearly know the price per item at this point in your order. The more items you order, the smaller the cost per item.

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What Are Case Quantity Orders?

Some items, like glass drinkware and ceramic mugs, are packaged in case quantities to make sure they ship safely. These items are usually fragile, which means a certain number has to be ordered to fit nicely within the shipment box.

If your order requires a case quantity, our website will automatically display the minimum number you need to order during checkout! You can also speak directly to our customer service team if you have more questions


Why Should You Place a Larger Order?

There are some benefits to placing larger orders. Not only will you have items on hand for multiple events, but the production costs for our suppliers will be lower, which means you'll have a lower cost per item.


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