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Can I Order Fewer than the Minimum?

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Let's face it: not everybody needs 500 branded light-up bracelets, we get that. However, each item we sell does have its own minimum quantity amount. The minimum quantity is the least amount of items we can sell you based on the particular product chosen.

Low as you can go

One reason for this restriction—our amazing "protective packaging." So if 500 custom mugs fit inside a specifically sized box, that box is usually designed for only that number of items. If the box is holding onto more or less than what it's designed for, your items could be damaged in transit. For example, any higher than 500 and your ceramic mugs may be broken upon delivery. No thanks!

The Inventory Count Matters

Another reason: the inventory count. Sometimes, it's just impossible to count the exact number of pens in a box…and for your order of 500 pens, it would take a lot of time to count! So for smaller items (like pens) that are inexpensive and light, we'll count your package by weight instead! So if one of your pens weighs one ounce, then your box of 500 should weigh 500 ounces (or around 31 pounds)!

Pens on a scale

Sometimes More is Less!

In addition, the amount it would cost to produce a very small order would be crazy high. Because printing is expensive and labor intensive, it's much more cost-effective to buy these items in bulk than in small packs. Production is just more expensive when you're handling fewer branded items! And you wouldn't want to pay $100 dollars each for five custom lanyards, would you? Neither would we!

More is less

Distribute the Extras!

So we understand your order may be a bit on the larger side, but we promise, it's the much safer option! If your order is more than you needed, remember, it's always handy having extra items around for a later date. And if you don't want to hang onto them, perhaps you can distribute your extra stress toys to all the tenants in your apartment complex, or hand out coffee mugs to sleepy college students!

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