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Can I Order a Single Item in Multiple Colors?

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We get it. Your logo would look great on a blue t-shirt, but some people like warm colors and would love a company shirt in red. And you can't go wrong with a neutral black tee. Instead of having to make an awful, gut-wrenching choice, wouldn't it be great if you could break down your order for a custom t-shirt, or any other product, into multiple colors?

Assorted promos

Fear not, this may be possible! It all just depends on the item you choose. Certain products can be separated into a few colors of your choice, while others are available in only one color per order. There's also the chance that you can order your product in a random assortment of different colors, which is most likely an option for small, inexpensive items like pens and pencils.

Cases of koozies

We Usually Offer Multiple Colors by Case Quantities

Let's take Quality Logo Products' bestselling Collapsible koozie® Can Cooler. These products ship in case quantities of 100 – in other words, we can ship 100 KOOZIES® in each box. So if you wanted to order 500 KOOZIES®, you could order them in up to five different boxes. This guarantees that you'd get 100 KOOZIES® in five different colors.


Choose Your Colors

No matter what color combination you have in mind, we have a variety of choices that can work for you. Please note: you have the option to choose more than one imprint color, but every extra color you choose will be an additional cost.

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