What is a Setup Charge?

We actually have a blog post that talks all about logo setup charges. As that post explains:

"A logo setup is the cost associated with the creation of a dye, plate, screen, or other fixture that is used in our machines to print your logo on your desired item."

Check Pricing Table

The logo setup charge is listed on each product's information page. For some items, we've actually waived the charge! If there's no logo setup charge, you'll also see that noted on the page.

For most items, a one color, one location print is included in the standard logo setup charge. Additional setup charges may apply for designs that use multiple colors, or if you're printing on multiple locations on one item.

This color will require its own screen. A second color means a second screen. Together, each screen builds a piece of your print.

When are multiple setup fees applied?

If your desired imprint has multiple colors and/or locations, this will require multiple logo setup fees. This is because when you have your items screen printed, a screen is created for each part of your imprint that's a different color.

Let's say you want to print a blue and red design on the back and front of your product. Your logo setup total on the Product Details Page would include the cost of both the colors and imprint areas. Some products include an additional imprint area or color at no additional cost. Our friendly customer service reps will always disclose any extra fees associated with your order!

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