Will I Be Charged Sales Tax?

Since not every state taxes the same amount, it’s difficult to get an accurate number on all orders upfront. This is completely dependent upon the location of the specific manufacturer we’re working with, and the address where the products are being shipped to. For instance, if your order is shipped to an Illinois address, you’ll be charged at a rate of 8.25%. If our manufacturer is located in the same state your items are being shipped to, you may be charged sales tax based on that location. Each state amount is different, and since all of our products come from different locations, your tax will vary.

If your tax amount is listed as “TBD” upon ordering, Quality Logo Products will provide sales tax once we’ve verified its 100% accurate amount. Since sales tax depends on the location of the manufacturer, we won’t be able to provide an accurate estimate until receiving an invoice from them. If we are confident in providing you with an accurate tax amount upfront, it will be displayed on screen. Otherwise, tax will be listed as “TBD” until an amount is confirmed and you are notified of the charge added to your total bill.

Are You Tax-Exempt?

Some organizations are considered tax-exempt and don’t have to worry about additional sales tax charges. If you’re a tax-exempt organization, simply provide a valid tax exemption number during your proofing or order process, and any sales tax will be waived. No matter where we’re shipping to in the U.S., sales tax is not applied to the shipping portion of your order.

We’re here to help!

If you have questions about your tax amount along the way, contact our customer service team. We’re available to make the process as smooth as possible!