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Do I Need to Place Multiple Orders?

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The short and simple answer is yes,. Let's pretend you have your eyes on a round stress ball, a plastic tumbler, and a nice comfy t-shirt. You will have to place a different order for each item.

This is because we work with different vendors around the world, and they supply their own products and no one else's. Your order is placed, they get the customizing going, and then it's shipped straight to your door. Easy as that.

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Sticking with the example above, let's go ahead and say you want to order 300 stress balls, 300 tumblers. and 300 t-shirts. For the purpose of this example, the stress balls come from a vendor in California, the tumblers are made in Illinois, and the t-shirts come from Nebraska. Shipping and sales tax are calculated from the location of all 3 suppliers, which is why you're placing 3 separate orders.

How Multiple Orders Work

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Since every set of items you receive has to be ordered separately, you'll place the order through different order forms. To be sure the artwork you want to place on each item is correct, you'll also be asked to re-upload your logo with each order with our simple drag and drop tool!

Order form

The process of placing separate orders not only increases your order accuracy, since our system recognizes previous user information, it also guarantees faster checkout! After placing your order, we'll send you an email with a link you can follow to review final order forms. These forms will vary depending on the order, but may consist of your Art Proof Approval form, a link to your Order Approval form, and a secure payment link allowing you to pay for all orders in one easy transaction.

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