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Can I Order Any Shirt Size Breakdown I Want?

Frequently Asked Questions Ordering & Payment

You can definitely order a variety of sizes for your t-shirts! Let's say you're ordering 50 total. Whether you need 40 large shirts and 10 medium, or 15 smalls, 3 mediums, 8 larges, 23 extra larges, and 1 extra large, you'll be able to get exactly what you need, no problem!

Our online order form makes it easy to customize the quantity of each t-shirt size. In the end, you'll get something that fits everyone to a "tee" (see what we did there?).

Apparel sizes

Please note: Sizes XXL and larger may require an additional charge depending on the item.

Choose Your Color & Sizes

Choose Your Color
Pick the color you'd like for your t-shirts. You can only choose one at a time, so we can get an accurate idea of the sizes. If you want another color, you'll have to fill out a new order form.

Pick Item Color

Enter Your Sizes
Type in the number of shirts you'd like for each size.

Enter apparel size

We Calculate the Quantity
Don't worry about the math. We'll let you know if something doesn't quite add up.

Doesn't add up

How Do I Know Which Sizes to Order?

Since everyone wears a different size, it can be hard to know how many of each size you actually need. Luckily, we have a handy guide you can use below.


Here's how it works*:

#1: Figure out how many t-shirts you need to order total (your quantity).

#2: Convert each percentage into a decimal. If you didn't pay attention in math class, you do this by dividing the percentage number by 100.

#3: Multiply your quantity by the decimal you got in step two.

#4: You now know how many of each type of shirt you should order.

Example: You need 200 golf shirts for an upcoming outing. Follow the steps above, and you'll know you need to order:

Golf Shirts

Small: 4 Men's or 26 Women's

Medium: 26 Men's or 74 Women's

Large: 72 Men's or 66 Women's

Extra Large: 72 Men's or 30 Women's

2XL: 22 Men's or 4 Women's

3XL: 1 Men's

4XL: 1 Men's

We're Here for You!

To calculate quantities by size, simply multiply the number of people in your group (or the number of shirts you wish to distribute) by the percentage in the chart for each size. Don't forget what they taught you in math class – you'll need to convert your percentages to decimals! From there, you can multiply the total in your group by the decimal to get a recommended amount of shirts you should order in each size.

T-shirts on rack

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