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Custom Awards

Thanking your staff, customers, donors, or volunteers doesn't have to be a stressful experience. We have a wide variety of awards with different materials, finishes, and price points so that you can find the perfect way to express your gratitude without breaking your budget.


Personalized Backpacks

Whether your customers are packing up a custom backpack to go to school or to catch the train for their commute to work, you can be darn sure they won't forget which company is making their life easier! Given out at tradeshows or company events, our imprinted backpacks will be a hit with everyone.


Custom Bags

From drawstring backpacks and shoulder-strapped messenger bags to laptop cases and sports duffels, this is your promotional superstore for bags. Whether you're headed to class, to the gym, or to the office, our customizable selections will carry your brand the right way.


Custom Bottle Openers

Come to the rescue at your next party or just stay prepared to keep yourself refreshed with a customized bottle opener. The variety of shaped bottle openers make great giveaways for themed events with sharks for an ocean theme, guitars for a music theme or horses for a racing or equestrian theme.


Custom Office Items

Organization means productivity! Portfolios, notebooks, personal organizers, business card holders, clipboards, and even an assortment of personalized gift sets are on hand for your next promotion. Keep your workplace well stocked with these office necessities.


Custom Calculators

Looking for a way to add fans and followers or grow your number of brand-loyal customers? Hand out calculators customized with your logo from Quality Logo Products and you'll see these promotional products equal results.


Custom Calendars

Personalized calendars of all shapes, sizes and styles are only a click away. A variety of featured styles are available, including wall mounted, desk pad, stick-up, pop-up and several others. Themes range from scenic and automotive to landscapes, playmates, wildlife and more.


Personalized Candy

Looking for the sweetest giveaway for your next event? Who doesn't love candy? Win the hearts and taste buds of your sweet-toothed audience with a variety of customized candy giveaways. Give something a little more permanent by ordering the candy in a tin box or useful sealable jar.


Custom Ceramic Mugs

Looking for a ceramic mug in a particular size, shape, or color? Browse popular mug designs including stoneware mugs, latte mugs, diner mugs, C-handle mugs, soup and spoon mugs, digitally-printed mugs, and hundreds more. Everything in this category looks good on a desk!


Custom Clocks

Analog or digital? Wall-mounted or desk clock? Stylish or simple? The number of options we offer when it comes to clocks is almost as infinite as time itself. While personalized clocks can't make Einstein's theories on time and space any easier to understand, they can make marketing easier on you.


Custom Coasters

Coasters aren't just for keeping your tables clean, they are also like an in-home billboard for your brand! Choose from round, square or other novelty shaped coasters and hand them out at your next event, putting your logo in every home.


Logo Computer Accessories

Don't let the technology in your work area pass you by. Keep your brand up to date with everything from USB flash drives and SD card readers to mouse pads, laser pointers, web cams and cell phone chargers. Our accessories make a practical addition to just about any office.


Promotional Coolers

Reusable lunch bags, six-pack chillers, beverage tubs, cooler chairs, and picnic coolers are only a handful of the products in this category. Start your search here if you need to keep multiple beverages or food items cold for an extended period of time!


Custom Day Planners

Schedule your activities in advance and on the go with customized pocket planners, desk planners, wallet card planners and more for your home or office. Styles are tailored to suit any line of work or lifestyle. Daily, weekly, monthly, and beyond--the options are endless.


Custom Desktop Items

Calculators, rulers, letter openers, paperweights, coasters, document holders, mug warmers--no desk can be complete without these essential promotional items at the ready. Whether it's an employee cubicle or the CEO's personal workspace, these products always seem to come in handy.


Logo Drinkware & Barware

Here's where you'll find drinkware fit for a restaurant or home bar. From wine glasses, beer mugs, and shot glasses to martini glasses, champagne flutes, and Pilsner glasses, this section contains more than 200 different kinds of quality glassware.


Personalized Duffle Bags

No matter if your customers are faithful gym goers or love spending the weekend anywhere but home, a customized duffel bag will let them bring their items from point a to point b. Each time your imprinted duffel bag is packed up, your brand's name will be there shining like a star!


Custom Flash Drives

Give your customers something they will never want to lose: a flash drive. We have so many different styles and colors of flash drives, you won't be able to choose just one. Don't worry though, you can never have too many flash drives!


Custom Flashlights

Light the way for your customers with your logo on a flashlight from Quality Logo Products. Battery powered, solar or crank powered, these flashlights are perfect for equipping your customers for emergencies or every-day light needs.


Custom Frisbees

We know that you're not playing games with your marketing strategy. Let your customers have all the fun instead with our customizable flying discs. We have traditional plastic Frisbees as well as foldable flyers designed so that your customers can bring the fun--and your company brand--with them.


Custom Golf Accessories

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for promotional golf course essentials. Everything you'll need to dominate your next round at the country club is here. Tees, pencils, umbrellas, ball markers, towels, caddies, coolers, divot fixers and more are available.


Custom Golf Balls

Don't leave your brand in the bunker! Longer distance, cut-proof design, soft feel, greenside control--no matter what you're looking for in a custom golf ball, this is where you'll find it. We carry all the major names: Titleist, Nike, Pinnacle, Taylor Made, Top Flite, and more.


Custom Hand Sanitizers

Keep your customers safe from germs, especially during the dreaded flu season. Hand out customized hand sanitizer wipes, spray pens, travel bottles that attach to a purse or belt, or full sized bottles for the particularly germy at your next event.


Logo Highlighters

Whether you prefer traditional yellow highlighter ink or something even more vivacious, customizable highlighters are one way to reveal your company's true colors. We offer a wide variety of pen barrels and styles. Having trouble choosing? Check out our three-in-one and five-in-one multicolor highlighters.


Custom Jackets & Outerwear

And you thought matching jackets were just for the gangs in movies and musicals. Here you'll find knit pullovers, nylon jackets, soft hoodies, and all other sorts of outerwear your customers and employees will love to wear while dancing in the streets... or just heading to work.


Personalized Keychains

Make sure your customers always have your contact info when you print your logo and information on a fun and useful keychain. Choose a fun shape to represent your company or opt for something useful like a tape measure or flashlight key chain.


Personalized Koozies

Koozies are known by many names: coolies, can coolers, can sleeves, bottle insulators, beverage covers, and many more. When you need a product to keep your drink cold, you need a koozie! Don't miss our large selection of insulated holders for your bottles and cans.


Custom Lanyards

If your customers are always losing their keys, or they just need a good way to keep small items like flash drives and ID badges on hand, try giving out a lanyard customized with your company name. Customers can easily keep their valuables close, while keeping your logo in sight.


Custom Letter Openers

Whether you need something to speed up the opening of your hundreds of fan letters, or just like the ease of sliding a letter opener through your envelopes, you are sure to find a favorite in this variety of letter opener styles, ready to be customized with your logo.


Personalized Luggage Tags

Send your customers off with a good impression by giving them luggage tags that feature your company's logo. We have luggage tags made from metal, leather, plastic, and felt, all of which are designed to stand up to long days of travel.


Personalized Lunch Bags

Bringing lunch to work isn't just healthier, but it's cheaper than going to the local burger joint down the street. Your company's name will serve as a reminder on imprinted lunch bags to your customers and employees that cutting down on spending and your waist line can be possible!


Custom Magnets

If you thought your brand was magnetic before, just wait until your marketing efforts meet our selection of custom magnets. From business card style to picture frame and novelty magnets, there's always an array of shapes, sizes and themes to suit your brand. Custom shapes are available, too!


Custom Mouse Pads

Whether you like 'em square, round, or rectangular, you're sure to find a mouse pad in our collection that's just the right shape and size for your custom imprint. True, we don't do trapezoid-shaped mouse pads, but we do have some with wrist rests! That makes up for it, right?


Custom Notebooks

People love using customized notebooks for a variety of reasons. Whether customers are using your imprinted notebook for a dream journal, to jot down notes in class, or to doodle in during their Monday morning status report meeting - your company's name will be seen!


Personalized Padfolios

Sitting in a meeting with the head honchos of your company can seem nerve-wracking. With an imprinted padfolio though, you can channel all your nervous energy into writing notes. You'll impress the higher ups and maybe get that raise you deserve. Magical things happen with custom padfolios!


Custom Pencils

At school, on the job, or in the office--customized pencils are suited to every environment. If classic wood pencils aren't your style, try one of our mechanical varieties. Looking for a specific type? We carry golf pencils, carpenter pencils, scented and color-changing pencils and many, many more!


Personalized Pens

There's a good reason promotional pens are such a popular item: they work! Click-action, twist-action, translucent design, metallic structure, comfort grips--the options are endless. People will be using your brand throughout their entire day and your business will literally be in their hands.


Logo Pet Products

Pet owners want the best for their furry friends, and Fido and Fluffy can always use a few accessories. Here you'll find water bowls, food scoops, leashes, and even waste bag dispensers and litter box scoops for those times when the dirty work just has to get done.


Custom Plastic Bags

Plastic bags make excellent giveaways not only at shopping centers but also at trade shows, conventions, and anywhere else customers need to find a way to get a bunch of items home. Let them know who helped them by giving them plastic bags with your company's information on them.


Custom Portfolios

Want a way to transport a few basic office supplies from meeting to meeting or class to class? Portfolios provide a classy, convenient solution. Keep your pens and papers safe inside a leather, microfiber, or nylon portfolio, held shut by a zipper, snap, or folding enclosure.


Custom Rulers

They're simple and practical, but rulers come in handy anywhere from the home to school to the office. Choose from wooden or plastic rulers in sizes ranging from a few inches to a few feet. Extend your brand's appeal with a multi-function product, like a ruler calculator.


Personalized Stadium Cups

Here you'll find sturdy, reusable plastic cups that are designed to survive the party. Our stadium cups hold the right amount of drink to quench your customers' thirst and come in bright, bold colors that are sure to draw attention to your company's logo.


Custom Stickers

Make sure your brand sticks around for a while! Print your name and logo on rolls of labels in all shapes and sizes including square, rectangle, oval, circle, and custom shapes. You'll find bumper stickers, dome stickers, and static cling stickers here as well.


Personalized Notepads

Sticky notes, notepads, legal pads, memo pads, pocket notebooks, and paper cubes.. .these promotional items are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your custom paper needs. Just add your company name or logo and boost your brand awareness every time someone jots down a reminder.


Custom Stress Balls

Everyone calls them "stress balls," but give them credit for what they do: they're stress relievers, and with just a few squeezes, they'll help your customers release their tension. They also come in all sorts of shapes. Animals, people in different occupations, body parts--you name it, we've got it!


Custom Sunglasses

If your company's future is so bright that people have to wear shades, then why not hand out sunglass gear customized with your logo. Sunglasses, cases and straps, we have all sorts of sunglasses tech to keep your future brilliant.


Custom Sweatshirts

Shop in this category and find your new favorite crewneck sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, and zip-up or pullover sweatshirts. No matter which color or style you prefer, you'll find it right here. Featured brands include Jerzees, Hanes, Bella, Fruit of the Loom, and Gildan.


Custom Tape Measures

Go the distance in promoting your brand by giving out customized tape measures. Our tape measures use either flexible cloth or durable metal for the tape and reach anywhere from a yard to over ten feet.


Personalized Tote Bags

The reusable tote bags in this category often pop up in grocery stores and shopping malls. Choose from non-woven, canvas, or cotton totes in addition to roll-up, fold-up, and shoulder totes in a rainbow of colors. Here's where you'll find organic and biodegradable tote bags, too.


Personalized Towels

Large or small, folded or rolled, microfiber or traditional cotton, towels come in all shapes and sizes just like companies. Find the right fit for your brand right here with our variety of colors and styles. Great for sports to keep players and fans dry.


Trade Show Giveaways

You shouldn't show up to a party without drinks or food and you definitely shouldn't come to a trade show empty handed. Quality Logo Products is here with every item under the sun ready to promote your company's name. You name the budget you want and the estimated crowd size attending and we'll take care of everything from there!


Promotional Travel Mugs

Start here if you drink coffee or tea on the go! These travel mugs come with lids and are made from either plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic materials. Choose from travel mugs with handles or travel tumblers without handles. Thermos and Bubba Keg mugs are available here, too.


Custom Umbrellas

Don't let the weather ruin your mood. Think of it as another opportunity to show your company pride and spread the word about your business. These umbrellas will do more than keep the raindrops from falling on your head. They will keep your brand in the eyes of your customers.


Personalized Water Bottles

Also known as sports bottles or bike bottles, the bottles in this category are used for water and cold beverages. Metal bottles and durable plastic bottles are available to suit any preference and some even feature sports nozzles, carabiners, or flexible straws. You have hundreds to choose from!



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